Goal Lines

December 4, 2011 at 1:05a    by Jason Priestas    


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He was definitely short of the goal line when he tossed the ball to the ref, but I wouldn't lose sleep over it. I would've thought it was ridiculous if they had reviewed that play and taken the touchdown away. I know... technically he wasn't across the line, but no one stopped him, no one would have. It would have been silly.

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Totally agree.  Taking away that TD is not within the spirit of the game.  But something should be dine there?  A 15 yd penalty on the kickoff doesn't seem like enough but I dunno what is.

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I really can't stand him. He had that thuggish hit against Alabama and ever since he's just proved how much of a goon he is, along with Jordan "I kick in people's faces" Jefferson.

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Tyrann "leon lett" Matthieu. I think that should be his new nickname so Aaron Craft can take the nickname "honey badger." Craft deserves it.