Dave Brandon is Obsessed

By Ramzy Nasrallah on December 22, 2011 at 10:17a
Says that when Michigan got the same coaching waiver in 2007 it was different, because Rich Rodriguez used it to "just make phone calls." He conveniently leaves out the part about UM's sluggish coaching search that resulted in Rodriguez not being hired until the dead period for recruiting. (Detroit News)

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"If you can't beat them, incessantly complain about them."

- Dave Brandon 2k11

Send you to OSU Hospital / You'll need a buck nurse...

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Can't expect anything less from those tool bags up north....

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dave brandon. cry baby of the year award. someone give that kid a bottle.


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Or this

Banned from BlackShoeDiaries since 2008. Crime: Slander/Defamation of Character Judgement: Guilty

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someone needs to photoshop urbz head onto Brandon's and hokes and brandon onto the pizza

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That's going to be tough. Keeping Hoke from scarfing down that pizza.

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*Cough* Urban fear *Cough*

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Luke, any PRO TIPS for Mr. Brandon?


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"Well why don't you cry about it, Saddlebags!"

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Dave Brandon: Leading the league in butthurt since 2k10.


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Unreal.  So the NCAA even went so far as to allow RichRod to make recruiting phone calls during the dead period and you have the audacity to complain.  Look in the mirror f@#$face.  Your athletic dept completely screwed the pooch in 2007.  Sorry, not Ohio State's fault dickwad.

vacuuming sucks

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phone calls are allowed during the dead period. just not face to face visits.

I wanna go back to Ohio State ... 

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Here is the quote I was responding to.

"The way it was explained to me by our compliance people," said Brandon, who became Michigan's athletic director in March 2010, "is that when Rich came in, there was a quiet period where you could not do off-campus recruiting. We got a waiver so that Rich could make phone calls."

vacuuming sucks

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Someone should ask Brandon if he knows how many new coaches OSU has.  If he actually gets  the right answer (3), I will buy a week's worth of Domino's.

And no, Brandon: Pantoni, Marotti, and Voltolini don't count against the rule of 7.

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Oh and it's not like Withers and Herman are going nuts on the trail right now.  They're still busy with their own bowls.  It's literally just Urban that's new currently.

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Thank you.  This is what I've been saying all along.  Of course, none of the haters are going to recognize that fact.

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He must have been jealous of all the press Gene Smith was getting this week.

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"How bout a whiniken, or some french cries and a whamburger?"


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Joe Dirt reference.  Niiiiccceee!

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A few things:

1.  Lynn Henning of the Detroit News is a first-rate putz.  He's a Sparty, a former MSU beat-writer, and he's been a near-complete nuisance for Michigan his whole career.  He is still seething mad at Michigan and its fans, when he made some idiotic comments about the firing of Rodriguez before it happened; comments that he got called on, by a student editor at the Michigan Daily.

2.  Brandon is correct, to the extent that there are problems inherent in these waivers, and the contrast between what Meyer is doing right now, with what Hoke's staff is doing right now, are rather stark in terms of the hyper-competitive world of recruiting.  Brandon is further correct, in that Rich Rodriguez was never granted a waiver of the same kind in December of 2007, simply by virtue of his staff not yet being in Ann Arbor and the Decmeber dead period for visits having fallen almost immediately after his hiring.

3.  To the extent that our rivals are now whining about the notion that this sounds like whining from Brandon, I suppose that I wish Brandon hadn't said anything at all.  OSU isn't getting any unusual favors in this case, and there is plenty of precedent for the OSU/Meyer waiver; I get that.  If Brandon had intended to conduct a nuanced discussion of the pressures on BCS-level college football staffing, he should have been very selective about the venue for such a discussion. 

Ramzy -- What is the extent of Brandon's "obsession"?  As far as I am aware, he's made two comments, in the space of about 4 or 5 days, and the second occasion was merely an answer to a reporter's specific question on the topic.  Does 'answering a direct question' count as 'obsession' these days?  Personally, I'll take a wild guess, and speculate that Brandon might not have said anything, but that this was raised with him by Hoke, who in turn had it raised with him by his staff.  If Michigan's football coaching staff has just a little recruiting-obsession going, I'm okay with that.

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I am glad that you are not just blindly backing your AD since he is clearly offbase here.  One of the main reasons he is wrong is that there are several coaches on the current staff who are both preparing for a bowl game and recruiting, just like everyone else.  Fickell, Vrabel, Drayton, Johnson are all doing both.  At this point, I believe Meyer is the only one just recruiting, and it seems only FAIR that a coach who has been hired ought to be able to recruit for his team.  The other coaches he has hired are still coaching with their previous teams, so it seems unlikely that they are hitting the recruiting trail for OSU right now.  

I am just waiting for Brandon to complain that the bowl ban is unfair because OSU's staff won't have to spend anytime preparing for a bowl and they will just get to recruit for the whole month of December 2012.

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Get out of here with all these facts and logic.

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You're absolutely right about everything, until you (and Ramzy) get to the part about Brandon "obsessing."  Brandon made a comment, once, and then was asked about that comment, once.  All of from as dubious a source (Lynn Henning) as there is, with all kinds of personal Dave Brandon-baggage related to Henning's own public prediction about Rodriguez being fired the Monday after the M-OSU game in November 2010.  (Henning had just done a rare private interview with Brandon, only to get shot down in a Brandon Tweet a few days later.)

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All of from as dubious a source (Lynn Henning) as there is...

What difference does it make who asked the question or reported Brandon's comments?  Do you think something's been distorted?

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Well, "obsessed," is pretty much of a distortion.  Not that that came from Lynn Henning.  But I just hate Henning on general principles from past affairs.  The idea that you guys get that Brandon has been somehow "obsessed," comes from Henning having ridden the story.

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I agree that the reporter was trying to stir the pot (that is what they do best generally).  However the easiest way to kill a story is to indicate that you have moved on.  Brandon could have said, "While I don't agree with the waiver, it is what it is and there is nothing I can do about it, so everyone just needs to move forward."  

Had he said that the quote might not have even made the paper.  Instead he repeated his assertions just as strongly as before, indicating that he is clearly not moving on.  "Obsession" might be a bit strong. But had Brandon deflected the question as yesterday's news instead of embracing the chance to reiterate his bogus stance, no one would have thought he was obsessed with this waiver.

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So Lynn Henning is the scape goat? What did Henning report that wasn't true? Sounds to me like you have joined the ranks of the rest of your fan base in blaming a Detroit newspaper for the probation your team is under right now. Fact is Tressel lied and our team is being punished. Another fact is that your coach at the time allowed supervised practices that other teams were not allowed to have and is being punished for it. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Freep did not violate NCAA rules, they only brought the violations to light.

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UM didn't have to prepare for bowl games the first 2 years of the RichRod camPAIN.  A self imposed bowl ban of sorts.  I don't remember hearing about it being an advantage, but in retrospect.............

vacuuming sucks

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What kind of AD would make comments then about something they really don't understand, while only citing their interpretation of precedent. Oh....derp.


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1) Not aware of their work ...

2) Brandon has discussed or mentioned his displeasure with this waiver on multiple instances. Obsessed may be a strong adjudication of Brandon's thoughts on the waiver, I don't know if its far off. The fact that Michigan received the waiver when Rich Rod was hired makes it more laughable. Even more laughable is he tries to make it sound like Rodriguez was only allowed to make phone calls by the rule of the waiver. Rodriguez would have been afforded the same opportunities had he been hired prior to the dead period - perhaps Brandon's rage should be directed towards Bill Martin? If Brandon wants to believe there is an issue with these waivers then he needs to propose new legislation, not again talk about this to the media.

3) I don't think any Buckeye has whined about Brandon's response ... I believe we find it humorous and a bit hypocritical - regardless if he was  AD at the time of RR being hired or not.

I wanna go back to Ohio State ... 

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...here's my fingers...they're playing a small violin...Deal With It!

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Much like Alex said in the BSD interview, if this were a lesser program getting the waiver it would be no big deal.  Even in the B1G, no one would give a damn if it were Illinois getting this waiver granted.  It's because it was Meyer and Ohio State, and the awesome success he has had on the recruiting trail in such a short time. 

I wonder what controversy or complaints are going to come about this time next year when Meyer is doing nothing but recruiting because there is no bowl game to prep for. 

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Illinois did get (or will soon) get the waiver. And you're right, no one cares...

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Brandon is simply reading the writing on the wall that the Um party only lasted one year. He had plans for it to last at least 2 or 3! Anyone that doesn't think Um isn't completely obsessed with OSU right now only needs to look at any chat room, forum, the Detroit press, etc., etc., as it says it all.

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Butt Hurt thy name is Meatchicken.  Losers!

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Brandon got kicked out of the pizza business (we've all seen the commercials where Domino's admits they sucked) so now he pretends to know his ass from his elbow about football. Just like Bo (the traitor) knew nothing about baseball when he was made president of the Tigers. That's all right though, let him piss of Urbz and see where that will get him.

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Shouldn't there be an NCAA violation pertaining to members/directors of a school complaining about NCAA decisions?

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How many times can Brandon's head explode? Is he also mad at Beckman at Illinois for getting a waiver, as well as other schools, or is he just blowing it out his rear at Ohio State? Dave, your pizza is getting cold.

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I'm sorry, I'm confused.  Who has the bloated coach?


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Lesson number one from Dave Brandon on how to make a fool of yourself.