Buckeyes Break into Scout's Top Five Class Rankings

By Jason Priestas on December 18, 2011 at 8:14p

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Look at No. 1 Texas. 23 of the 25 commits are in-state kids. And Mac Brown's managed to parlay all that talent every year into one lucky National Title. Wow.

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Only 2 BIG in top 25? Good luck rest of conference.

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Wisky and PSU usually are in 15-25 range, however scandals for PSU has affected that because they previously had a top 25 class.  Wisky must just be having a bad year

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Yet...Wisky will remain among the top B1G teams. Sigh... 

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Seen enough Eugene Cliffords, Mike De'Andrea, Justin Zwick, Marcel Frost, Brandon Maupin, Chad Hoobler, Albert Dukes, Kyle Mitchum, Maurice Wells, Rob Schoenoft, Fred Lennix, Marc Johnson, Connor Smith, Antonio Henton, James Scott, Sian Cotton, Willie Mobley, Kieth Wells, Lamaar Thomas..... Not hating, but just saying 4 or 5 of these guys on our commit list aren't going to pan out to expectation.  Every guy up above was 4* or higher.

Go Bucks!

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Mike D'Andrea was a stud and was shaping into one of the best LBs to come out of Ohio State... Then his knees gave out on him.


I agree with you that these rankings don't matter, however I'll always point out that D'Andrea wasn't overrated or a bust, he just got a bad shake.

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I trumpet this thought as well.

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^^^^^^   True.  It's not fair to call someone who was hurt a bust. 

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You are right, but don't we deserve something to be happy about here? It's not like we have been able to depend on really good news for a long time now. Let's ride this as far as it can take us. The next gray box of death is out there lurking.....

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Clowney received more hype than anyone except maybe Pryor in recent history. Both of those guys panned out nicely. Number one in your position has to mean you don't suck at least.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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FYI The list of 2* and 3* players who don't turn out is even longer

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You forgot Sam Maldonado. 

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Someone needs to explain to me why more bodies means a better recruiting haul.... Looking at the average stars per player, I think we are second to FSU, and recruiting better than TSUN.  I suppose the counter point is that the SEC (mostly West) really does recruit better than their average player ranking because they play by different rules than the rest of the country #oversigning.

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Up to #6 in Rivals.

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