"Until further notice, Aaron Craft is the best point guard in the country."

November 30, 2011 at 10:55a    by Jason Priestas    


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Yeah, but the rest of the article is a half-hearted compliment to the Bucks, suggesting the Maui trip is the only reason for the win.

Typical Duke Jackass.

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What struck me funny is that Davis says "are the Buckeyes that good...not really" then goes on to praise us at all levels, but then said Duke was just tired.

He should change is pen-name to Sybil Davis....

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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Seth who? 

Don't text while driving.

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He also called Thomas a lock-down defender. Uhhh....

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

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He actually was a lock-down defender in that game, he held Ryan Kelly to 0 points, Kelly avergaes 17 a game.

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Kelly scores because he's left open.  OSU is good enough defensively that they don't have to help as much and leave shooters open.  They defended the pick and roll pretty well last night, and Thomas didn't have to worry much about leaving Kelly when guys like Sully, Buford, and Craft were locking down their men.

I thought OSU's defensive philosophy was very good last night.  You let Smith/Sibert try and contain Rivers as much as possible, but don't help off your man to double Rivers.  That's basically the only way Duke normally gets so many open threes for guys like Curry and Dawkins.  Instead, they let Rivers and Plumlee get theirs, and shut-down the open shots Duke is used to getting.

Craft absolutely owned Curry last night.

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Ryan Kelly reminded me of BJ Mullens/Kosta Koufos. Just another 6'-11" kid who wants to shoot 10 foot jumpers and doesn't want to rebound or play defense.

Don't text while driving.

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Personally, I thought Craft was the best damn point guard in the nation last year, too(even without shooting very well). But that's just me.