The Worldwide Leader in Investigative Reporting

By Ramzy Nasrallah on November 28, 2011 at 8:29a

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Ramzy, I think you left out a word in the title:

"The Worldwide Leader in Selective Investigative Reporting"

ps. - I bet Laura Fine has at least one tattoo.

Don't text while driving.

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This news should be trending worldwide.

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I haven't read all of the details of the story (i had my fill from PSU), but were there new boys within the last eight years?

if so, would those boys have a legal case against ESPN for not bringing this info forward?

How is ESPN any different than Paterno?

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ESPN endangers children, mentally and physically.

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They did exactly what they have accused the PSU administration of doing.

Now they are in full spin cover our ass mode.

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Disgracefull to say the least.

Long live the southend.

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Is anyone really that surprised by this?  ESPN clearly has an agenda that doesn't include any semblance of journalistic integrity.  If sitting on a story for 8 years improves their bottom line, thats what they do.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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ESPN has a vested interest in Big East basketball just like they do SEC football.

No surprise here.

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Great point. I was thinking the same thing.

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Where is that sumbitch ombudsman?

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Honestly, they could've ran with the Penn State story much earlier than they did, but only started talking about it when things hit the fan.  Clearly, last spring when they were covering all things Tatoo and Tressel related, they could've ran with the Penn State disaster.  Only when it became a topic that was much bigger than sports and all the national media started covering did they decide to talk about it non stop.

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It wouldn't surprise me that ESPN has the real facts and truth about the sCam Newton story about all the money he and his dad took and will wait 8 years from now to report all of it.