The Bauserchart

By Jason Priestas on October 9, 2011 at 8:30p

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Don't care what anyone says, this is some serious funny right here.

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I have one problem with this chart; it shows 3 completions...unless we should consider it a good pass (i.e. a "completion") if it is thrown in the field of play

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Well if it doesn't matter to whom it is completed he had 2.

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Make up your signs,to clean-up this rats nest,at TOSU come to occupy Columbus. 8:00 AM tomorrow morning.No agenda,anything goes.

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Is that third completion from that one shot gun snap? 


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Bauserman is 3/24 passing in road games. The graphic just uses Nebraska's stadium.

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I take offense to this. 


I think the one to section 30 was hauled by the spectator and should be green.

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It's even more frustrating because Joe Bauserman seems like a real chill bro.

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This should be framed and placed on walls above urinals at campus bars/restaurants. Just fantastic.

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The chart does show off his arm strength... amirite?

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He gets confused by all the guys in the stands wearing jerseys.

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My TV is only 58 inches wide, so I have no recall of any of them.

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verizon commercial mark sanchez has nothing on bauserman

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Now that's funny. Where's LSUFreek when you need him??

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At least JB did not peg anyone spectators in the handicap section. That would be lame plus the program does not need anymore negative press. The story would have been posted on eSECpn's front page.

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vacuuming sucks

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While this chart suffices for the moment it really needs to be 3-D to account for those balls he buries in the ground.