Scumbag Joe

By Jason Priestas on October 9, 2011 at 1:19p

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SouthPlainfieldNut's picture

My only problem with that caption is that Joe doesn't play defense.

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He is allowed, however, to complete passes.

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Joe threw a bad pass for an interception.  We can hang maybe 7 points on him.

The DEFENSE let them score the rest and win the game.

He is a back up quarterback.  He is brought in not to lose the game.

The DEFENSE lost the game.

The tweet is ridiculous.


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Joe completed 1 of 9 passes. 1 First down. 4+ passes ended up in the stands. Totally the defense's fault they were on the field the whole half.

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Its a team effort, not one guy.

Offense sucks and the Defense is not as good as they should be.

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Yes, the defense didn't do its part in the second half and some blame should be thrown their way.

But, this is football. Quarterbacks, much like Presidents of the United States, get more blame and more credit than they deserve, but they know this when they sign up. The man is 3-24 in two road games this season and inspires absolutely no confidence in his teammates.

Finally, it's a riff on a meme. I don't actually believe Joe is a scumbag (though I do believe he's a terrible quarterback).

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Bauserman is who he is. It isn't his fault that OSU couldn't get Boyd or someone else to come in after Pryor.

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Defense wore down because of constant 3 and outs by offense. This is a true team loss. As im sure the next cpl weeks will be also. Coach fickel needs to spend the week coddeling the offense and praising them for there growth in the week from msu to nebraska while also publically and privately ripping the defenae. What talant we habe resides on that side of the ball and they nees to take pride in the silver bullet mantra again and start forcing turnovera and negative plays and help carry the offense as it grows