Hello, UCF?

By Jason Priestas on October 31, 2011 at 1:42a

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I would die for an away game in Orlando, though it sounds like I might get a bowl.

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From the article: UCF has not formally announced the game because it has not received a signed contract from the Buckeyes yet.


Sat. Sept. 1 MIAMI, Ohio Columbus TBA   
Sat. Sept. 8 CINCINNATI Columbus  TBA   
Sat. Sept. 15 CALIFORNIA Columbus TBA   
Sat. Sept. 22 UAB Columbus TBA   
Sat. Sept. 29 at Michigan State East Lansing, Mich. TBA   
Sat. Oct. 6 NEBRASKA Columbus TBA   
Sat. Oct. 13 at Indiana Bloomington, Ind. TBA   
Sat. Oct. 20 PURDUE Columbus TBA   
Sat. Oct. 27 at Penn State State College, Pa. TBA   
Sat. Nov. 3 ILLINOIS Columbus TBA   
Sat. Nov. 10 Bye Week       
Sat. Nov. 17 at Wisconsin Madison, Wis. TBA   
Sat. Nov. 24 MICHIGAN Columbus TBA

It must be Michigan.

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I doubt they boot Cincinnati. For starters, you don't just boot AQ schools off your schedule because they have a pretty hard time of filling their empty slots. Also, Cincy is a team that will score you massive computer points because they are a team you SHOULD beat as well as a team that COULD/PROBABLY win 10 games.

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either UAB is backing out since play Ole Miss and SoCarolina the 2 weeks prior or UCF meant 2013 as have a hole in that years schedule.

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Confirmed: It's UC that is backing out.

Haters, hatin' on my hedging blurb. :)

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Any idea why?  Until I hear otherwise, I'm just going to assume that the Bearcats are scared.  Scaredcats, if you will.

And that UC fans will continue to run their mouths because UC is ranked, since they play in the Big LEast.

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Works for me. Scaredcats.

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Uh oh, somebody else is switching conferences...?

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