Anyone Looking for a Braxton Jersey?

By Alex on October 26, 2011 at 10:44a

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One thing I deeply respect about our "Eseesee" bretheren is their willingness to leave jerseys to elementary school children, and the players on the field.  Nothing more ridiculous than a 40 yr old guy wearing a 19 yr olds jersey tucked into his dad jeans.  Those same seseesee fans lack of dental hygene, not so much.  Kind of a give and take I guess. 

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...that's just ridiculous...

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Really? I don't think jersey wearing is unique to the B1G???? I know plenty of Tebow jerseys are worn as "Sunday Best".

vacuuming sucks

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Gingers in jorts?  God help us all

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Why is Bauserman wearing a Gators tanktop?  Is this him apologizing to all the fans he pelted with Bauserbombs in Nebraska?  He trying to be undercover?

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I have zero proof or sources but its long been my understanding that us northerners (B1G in particular) wear jerseys to games or just on game days at a much higher rate than other parts of the country and other conferences.

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The culture is slowly changing actually.  You see more and more people wearing jerseys here in ole dixie.  The Ole Miss culture will probably never change, but LSU, Bama, and the likes are starting to wear more jerseys.

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vacuuming sucks