Oklahoma to Decide on Big 12 Future Within Next Three Weeks

By Jason Priestas on September 3, 2011 at 1:41a

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Love the false modesty.  "'I don't think OU is going to be a wallflower'"?  Come on, Boren, we're not 6.  You've got 3 realistic choices.  Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC.  Anywhere else is a huge step down for you.  Doubtful you come to Big Ten land.  SEC is a possibility, but the Pac-12 offers less resistance to national title runs with lots of opportunities to gain in-roads for recruiting.  That's where you'll go, IF you decide to leave.

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If the super-conference mindset prevails, we'll end up with four of them: PAC, SEC, B1G and an ACC/BIG East hybrid. OK to the PAC makes the most sense and foreshadows a move to the same conference by OK State - establishing an Old West/West Coast dichotomy, within that conference. I suspect TX to the PAC is 50/50.

Is there room for the likes of Kansas, K State, TX Tech, Baylor, Iowa State and MO? KS, might grudgingly get the invitation to the PAC, because of its success in hoops and football (more than actual market-share) would be enough of an inducement. But, I have a feeling KS, MO and Iowa State, will end up in the rivalry-intense, B1G.

Some teams will be left out.

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I would love for Oklahoma to join the B1G. Realistically, I think they go SEC.



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It has been interesting the last few weeks, and I think this is the end for the Big 12.  My only concern is where my other alma mater will go... I went to Texas Tech for graduate school.  I think there will be schools like Tech, Kansas State, etc that will quickly find themselves without a home.  I guess the Pac 12 would make a little sense geographically, but I can't envision the Lubbock to Pullman trip, nevermind I doubt the Pac 12 would want them.  But I digress.  I think we'll end up with 4 super conferences with a 4 team playoff in the end.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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A couple of weeks back, Pete Fiutak saw Tech going to the PAC:


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It does look like their may be 4 superconferences and it's perhaps going to happen fast.  If that's the case I'd love for the B1G to make a play for Oklahoma now and eventually Notre Dame will have to join.  Those 2 programs would really do a lot for the BTN from a revenue standpoint. Notre Dame extends the footprint and advertising dollars while Oklahoma has minimal influence on footprint but massive impact on advertising bucks.  With the possibility of several games matching up the likes of Penn State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska, and Oklahoma ratings will be through the roof.

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And since the Big Ten wants schools that can provide $$, I'd like to see them get Boston College actually.  I think they would be a good fit as well.  One thing I heard a while ago was that OU and Ok. St. are a package deal.  Don't know if that still holds water...

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Selfishly I would love for the big ten to take BC.  Living in Vermont it is a nice 220 mile drive to Boston and I would be able to catch a buckeye game live every few years.  They are kind of the east coast version of northwestern.  It would also bring in the Boston market

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In my opinion, Oklahoma has 2 choices, B1G or PAC12.  With the TV networks those 2 conferences have, adding a program like Oklahoma will increase revenue.  The advertising dollars the BTN or  PAC 12 Network would make would be huge.  If they join the B1G, they get to play their old Big 8 Rival again every year.  If they join the PAC12 they will likely keep their Bedlum rival in the same conference.

Unless they are going to pursue their own network, which doesn't seem like it's possible, a move to the SEC just wouldn't be as lucrative.


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I just hope the B1G doesn't get the crummy teams from this.  If OK and TX go elsewhere, that'll take a lot of the powerhouses away.  I do think that if the superconference thing happens, ND will have to choose a conference, and that'll be the B1G.  However I have just never been enamored of Mizzou, and Rutgers (as was the speculation last time) would just be plain awful.  5 Rutgers could not make a Texas.  

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I'm the same way, that's why I say go after Oklahoma now get them in the fold.  Down the road you'll end Notre Dame, because if they go to 4 superconferences and a 4 team playoff, Notre Dame has to join a conference.  Get the Sooners, you will get Notre Dame, then you can afford at add 2 crappers.

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I think a lot of us naturally assume that ND would come to B1G if push came to shove.  But don't forget that ND plays all its non-football sports in the Big East.  So even though we think that the B1G would be a natural fit for ND in football, ND alumni/athletic directors who may be thinking of the bigger athletics picture may feel more at home playing against familiar rivals in the Big East.  Just food for thought...

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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2011's gonna be more about this kind of stuff and less about football, I'm afraid.