USA Today Ranks Buckeyes Scandal Sixth Worst of All-Time

By Jeremy Birmingham on August 24, 2011 at 8:25p

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number 12 was about a coaching offering sex, booz, etc...

How in the hell is ohio state 6th?

Gosh such bias!!!!

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That list is ridiculous. USC as the second worst of all time? Give me a break.

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The Pell Grant scandal at Thug U was ranked lower than the Tattoo scandal. Uhh, really? I wish I hadn't clicked on that link.

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Sad thing is that with all the recent transgressions, they felt compelled to write this article.

That said, articles like this are rediculous and meant for getting viewership.  If it wasn't tOSU,  what happened wouldn't have made the list.   And if it did still make the list, it definately wouldn't be ahead of a murder, Pat Dye, bogus Pell Grants, Jackie Sherrill, x-rated recruiting, coaches supplying steroids, players gambling against their own team, Butch Davis, and Alabama's bidding war.


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yeah...that list is complete horseshit. 6th is an insult to intelligent fans everywhere. 

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I think how they were ranking it took in to account the damage done to the program also. I don't think it really is just counting what the infractions were for. Pretty soon thugU is going to be #2 on this list.

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