Running Back U

By Jason Priestas on August 5, 2011 at 2:16a

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Damn I am going to get hate mail for this; Why Clarett? Talented? Yes. Extremely important to us winning the national championship? Yes. Would he have won the Heisman in year 2,3,or 4? Most likely. Product on the field? Freshman year that was really outstanding but then shrouded in a veil of controversy ending in embarassment for him, Tressel and the university. I approve of the way his life is turning around right now. I am very happy for him but he had one year here. I would venture to say that if we didn't win the MNC that he would not be enshrined in our memories as such.

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But we did win that MNC, and he was a huge part of it. His respectable turnaround after he left makes it fine to have him on there in my eyes. 

Then again you're probably right. Just put 'Lydell' in his place.


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Went back and forth on this a few times last night and I realize his presence will be an issue.

I do plan to probably edit the design, taking in MARVORAMA suggestion from below and adding Smith, Horvath and Hopalong.

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No Robert Smith or Hopalong?

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Where's Chic Harley?

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You guys really hurt his feelings with the snub

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His name fell down as soon as it made contact with the shirt.

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Very, very well played.

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No Robert Smith?



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Uggh.. Thanks for beta testing these shirts, everyone.

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No Butler B'y'n'o't'e?

-The Aristocrats!

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-The Aristocrats!

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I think Cal is makng a run for Runningback U. Arrington, Lynch, Forsett, Best, Vareen.I'll take Beanie,Archie, and Freshman Month over those guys though.


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Damn auto correct, meant freshman Maurice C.


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So when is "DB U" and "The real LB U" coming out!!