Ohio State's Response to the ESPN Suit

By Jason Priestas on August 2, 2011 at 4:55p

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The Six Fingered Buckeye's picture

That was six kinds of awesome.


"Ohio State admits that its student football program has been very successful over the years and that Ohio State promotes the program."

"Ohio State admits the allegations in paragraph 4 of the complaint, except the
allegation about the URL of the official website of Ohio State's football program. Ohio State
further responds that the URL is http://www.ohiostatebuclceyes.com/sports/m-footbl/osu-mfootbl-body.html."

"The claims in ESPN's complaint are moot."

Please, be honest. This is for science.

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'ESPN's complaints are moo. It's like a cow said it. It's … moo.'


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Wow, a 'Friends' reference. I feel old.

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Not a big Friends fan, but that line right there is delightful.


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I'm glad to see the Solictor's office is involved.  Schimmer is a good lawyer and should defend OSU well.  

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Defense Number Four is my Fav:  "The claims in ESPN's complaint are not yet ripe."

I beg to differ.  They stink...

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

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That was ridiculously awesome.

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In other words, ESPN can suck Ohio's collective cock.

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Dear ESPN,

Listen up haters, we know you're hatin' on us because our students are totally awesome at sports and our fan base is awesome. So with all due respect, and remember we said with all due respect, GO FUCK YOURSELVES.


THE Ohio State University

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As I see this I remember M Man and someone else asking me where I was coming from with my stance on Espin counsel, etc. Sorry for being forgetful.

For those that don't have familiarity with legality, this is a pretty sizeable middle finger. Even though I think this is a pointless pursuit by espn, I'm still a bit surprised by the response.

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I am not at all surprised.  The requests made by ESPiN were completely overbroad and honestly even absent the negative slant those guys were putting on our situation, it's pretty clear what ESPiN was after.

This is more than a legal middle finger.  This is the fat hariy guy dressed in a sweatervest bending over, dropping his pants and spreading his cheeks while singing 'Hang on Sloopy.'

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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I don't recall that exchange.  I'm guessing/hoping that somewhere in that exchange I made it clear that in "ESPN versus OSU," I am rooting for the Conference team.  To me, that's not much different from "Notre Dame versus OSU."


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Wasn't recounted as a negative. If I remember correctly, you posed the legality of the suit. I stated Espin counsel told brass they were fucking nuts, and ordered to proceed anyways.



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My idea for a t-shirt this year:

Classic Ohio State gray with scarlet block letters spelling "Eat Shit". Maybe use a buckeye leaf to dot the i or something just to make sure everyone understands.

I normally frown upon the use of profanity on shirts or bumper stickers or anything else visible to the general public, but in this case 'eat shit' encompasses exactly how I feel towards everyone who is not a buckeye (M Man excluded).

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It's all about ESPN trying to make the Big Ten and other conferences look bad compared to the SEC.  They have a contract with them so they are paid to bash everyone.  The bias is just going to continue and I think the days of far and balance reporting is over with them so I plan on only watching the BTN and only watch ESPN when it is absolutely necessary.

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Incredibly arrogant by espin. Like tOSU has nothing better to do than commit people to spend countless hours to appease them.