NCAA to Pay Miami a Visit on Monday

By Jason Priestas on August 15, 2011 at 12:47a

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millertime2011's picture

too bad. i was hoping when there was word of one of the big 3 in florida getting nabbed it would be UF

Alex's picture

wonder how many times the names Seantrel and Sean Henderson will pop up?

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I wonder why DSPN still doesn't have this as a top story?

-The Aristocrats!

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Some rumors circulating on Miami boards that a story will be coming here soon from Wetzel & Robinson, due to some tweets from Brett Murphy & others. Claim Wetzel & Robinson are about to release their 10/10 story. For whatever it's worth (just because it is said on twitter, doesn't make it so).

I don't think I'll ever wish NCAA trouble on a program. In this case though, I have been getting hammered constantly from some longtime friends who happen to be Miami fans. Might have to prod them a little on this, if true.

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Guess this is originating from Jason Mcintyre over at TheBigLead.

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Yahoo runs their big story. Would have to assume this is their vaunted 10/10.

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I highly suggest the Charles Robinson twitter feed for additional info. Yikes. From the read thus far, even if only a 1/4 of this could be proven true ... is enough to do some serious harm.