NCAA sent 2nd letter to *COI*, not Ohio State, on July 13

By Ramzy Nasrallah on August 12, 2011 at 1:06p

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Hmmm... not really sure what to think about this.

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I think we're f-ed. Whoever wrote the letter knows enough about this second investigation to add the caveat that the results of this could end with a LOIC and/or FTM. What i don't get is, faced with this possibility, why would the NCAA declare that OSU is not at this time being charged with LOIC/FTM, when they might simply reverse that in a few months. Why not just wait to complete the investigation and charge everything at once? Clearly, the NCAA doesn't care much about public perception, but they will look that much more inept if they come out in a few months and basically do an about face on the letter that was released less than a month ago clearing OSU of the most severe violations.

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So if there's smoke, there's going to be an even bigger fire this time?

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Might it just be standard procedure/language? Obviously, if there are more allegations, it could bring us closer to FTM/LOIC. Might it just be stating the obvious?

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I am admittedly a pessimist so that is no doubt driving my doom and gloom. Could very well be standard language. The attorneys and law students who frequent this site (and there appear to be many), could perhaps shed some light on this.

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this is very much so standard language. a lot of people thought OSU's letter to ESPN on their allegations was a big middle finger to them for the language, but that, too, was standard procedural language.  As someone with extensive knowledge of the law, this "second" letter leaves me feeling very optimistic

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A pessimist?  That's an understatement.  The summary statement came after this and they still stated no FTM and the hearing today didn't move.  OSU doesn't appear to be worried.

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I think this is CYA language. Obviously, if they find more stuff, they reserve the right to charge more violations. Guess, what, that's always true, but it still needs to be said, just in case OSU tried to say it should have been decided during this hearing, no double jeopardy (being charged again for the same stuff). So they just make sure they document all their conversations publicly to cover all the bases.

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