Dorian Bell to Duquesne?

August 19, 2011 at 4:43p    by Jason Priestas    


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OK - is there any chance he plays at Ohio State in the next year or two? Or is he yet another lost potential?

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Lost for being a bonehead off the field (from what it sounds like).

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Bell was suspended for the year at OSU because of a "violation of team rules".  As we all know now, that could mean anything from class problems to NCAA violations.  The planned transfer to Pitt was nixed by their HC, most probably because they knew he would not be able to play this year (because of transfer rules), and there may have been a possiblity that he would have to sit out another year if the suspension was for something serious. 

His transfer to Duquesne drops him down a division so he will not have to sit out a year because of transfer rules.  I am not sure how they handle a suspension from a higher division school, but it appears like he will play this year.  That said, if there were any way possible that he would transfer back to Columbus, he would still be dealing with the one year suspension that OSU issued.

So, there is probably 0% chance you will see him back here.  It is probably best for both parties to say adios at this point and move forward. 

I wish him well at his new school. 

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I guess this means the stream of funds here in Columbus has truly ceased flowing. Kudos to the compliance department.