Don't Blame Randy Shannon

By Alex on August 18, 2011 at 2:41p

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this is bad news for miami. if shannon said dont do it, and it was done, that could lead to LOIC

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Why didn't he alert the NCAA then?  Haven't we learned that is what Coaches are supposed to do? 

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I thought we learned that coaches are supposed report things to the their compliance department and AD. 

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Did Shannon ever sign that form at the end of the year that got Tressel in trouble?  You know, the one that makes them represent that they are not aware of any violations...

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Precisely.  This does not make matters any better for Miami.  Shannon had spies who were telling what was going on, and the action continued?  The article also implied that the administration knew about the rift between Shannon and Shapiro.  If so, why didn't they stop this / investigate this long ago.  Something tells me that we will never know the full details of what went on within the university as UM, like USC, is a private school and not subject to FOIA requests.  Had this been at a public institution much of this would have been exposed long ago.  And, the really bothersome thing about that is it took a disgruntled rogue booster to expose this.  Had he not sung to Yahoo Sports, maybe the worst that happens is that UM reports some secondary violations here and there. 

There are many of us who believe that this type of thing was commonplace at Miami for a long time - how else do you explain the rise of a small private school to prominence in the college football world in a very short time?  Yes, indeed, hogate will go a long way towards fueling those suspicions. 

I have never been a proponent of the SMU like penalties for any school.  However, it is hard to argue that hogate does not deserve the most severe of sanctions. 

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The reality of this, to me anyways, is that any sanctions on par with USC's or a touch worse basically equal the death penalty for them.


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That is a common perception, but I just don't see it as the death penalty.  USC may not be competing for the NC this year or next, but they will be back soon (provided they find a real coach).  And their marketing does not seem to have suffered like what was forced upon SMU.  That said, I believe the UM sanctions will be much worse than what USC received.  Indeed, the USC boosters/staff are calling for much more severe sanctions for UM.  Afterall, it is pretty easy to look at this and say the violations were much worse. 

Perhaps the real death penalty for UM will be just cutting off the rogue boosters who give them a one-up in competition. 

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I probably did not word this correctly but my mention of impact was not directed towards USC. I was saying that the same form of sanctions that were levied at USC, given to Miami would basically be the same as SMU ... something quite a few "U" people seem to agree with.

They just don't have the ability to overcome something like that. Add to that, it has always been the big 3 competition in Florida (Gators, Seminoles, Canes). Severe penalties, coupled with mediocre performance for years = bad bad bad, for them.

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I get your point.

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JT told Pryor and Posey to stay away from Rife after he got the email from Cicero.  How'd that work out for him? If Randy was still coach, he'd be Tressel'd