APR About To Get Tougher

By Johnny Ginter on August 11, 2011 at 3:49p

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According to Brett McMurphy of CBSSports.com, if the new APR scores were in place last year, guess which Big Ten team would not have been bowl eligible?

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yeah, since RR took over, michigan's APR went into the toliet. hoke might be able to bump that up, but we'll see. also one of the things about OSU that's underreported is how highly ranked OSU's APR score is, it's top 10 percentile

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OSU's APR was the highest of all Top 25 teams last year. Which is impressive considering that meant they had a higher APR than Stanford.

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yeah but we cheated (we must've)

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If your not careful SportsbyBrooks is gonna report this as fact tomorrow with you as his source.....

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Not like I'm trying to defend those rodents but don't transfers have a negative impact on APR scores?  Quite a few players during the RR regime left.

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According to ESPN, Ohio State would not have been eligible for March Madness with the new rules:


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I really hope this isn't something to worry about. But it looks like it is. Gotta get it done in the classroom, kids! And in the end that is right.

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It doesn't help when OSU has a bunch of one and dones. I'll be interested to see what UK's will look like in a few years.

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One-and-dones defintely hurt -- especially those who don't finish out the quarter before effectively dropping out.  

I'm curious if the upcoming switch from quarters to semesters will have an effect?

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it's an interesting thought; i don't know when the NBA generally starts their camps, but i do know that OSU football players generally had to skip the beginning of NFL camp because school wasn't over yet

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Not sure on the timing of NBA camps, but most of our one-and-dones have declared shortly after March Madness.  Most importantly, it seems that the timing of the academic withdrawl is what affects the APR.  Here's an article from 2009 that shows that the timing of Oden's and Kufos's academic withdrawls were what did the damage.  Noopy Crater's untimely withdrawl also contributed to the poor APR score.  

BJ Mullens, however, did the right thing

Bruno, a professor of psychology and neuroscience, found himself torn a few months ago as he counseled freshman B.J. Mullens to refrain from enrolling in the third quarter once Mullens decided to enter the draft. Bruno didn't want the school to take another APR hit.

Given this, the switch from quarters to semesters should be irrelevant...it's more a matter of ensuring that one-and-dones (or transfers) occur at the "right time".

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isnt it ironic that its one point ahead under the new standard, aside from the fact that you linked an ESPiN article?

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They force them to go to school, then tell them they better take it seriously.