LSU Has a 3pm Conference Call with the NCAA

By Jason Priestas on July 19, 2011 at 12:08p

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Ok so I'm trying to put this in perspective.  The lack of news on the GATech thing I kind of get but LSU, a national power with 2 BCS championships in the last ten years, from a major conference gets in NCAA hot water and I have to read about it on Twitter and not on ESPiN or SI?  Granted their charges aren't as sexy as OSU's but still not even a peep from the WWL?


Are they too busy gagging Feldman still to put a writer on this story?

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[Redacted Assistant Coach] made/received about 3,000 more impermissible phone calls than Kelvin Sampson did (combining his time at OU and IU).

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Sorry, but everytime I think of Kelvin Sampson, this is what I think of.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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'Cuz it's hard bein' black and gifted, sometimes I just wanna throw it all down, and GET LIFTED!

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Tigers hit with one year probation plus recruiting and scholarship reductions. They avoided harsher penalties thanks to cooperation from its compliance office which self-reported the violations.


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So who is that now.........USC, Tenn, tOSU, UNC, GA Tech, Oregon, Auburn, Miami, Mich, WVU.....I am sure I have missed someone.  All those are just football.

Think the NCAA realizes they have a systemic issue?