The best (and worst) college programs and conferences at developing recruits into NFL players

By Luke on May 2, 2011 at 3:31p

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Wait, wait, wait, we all know that Tressel squanders talent and his success is just a result of recruiting superior talent every year.......RIGHT

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Not Tressel.  Bollman.

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wow, amazing article, and more importantly, he clearly stated his methodology so i don't have to take his word for it (even though i will, lol)

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Great article. Read this folks...

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I was thinking, has anyone done any research or found an article that talks about what happened to kids who were let go of programs by oversigning?  Do they end up at schools like TCU and Boise which would make sense why they are so competitive?  I know in Basketball a school like Kentucky Weslyan in Div II has always been successful because they take transfers who were booted out of other large programs or failed out, or just weren't getting enough PT so they left. 

We always hear oversigning it's bad, it's unfair, they have such an advantage, but we never hear anything about the dudes who get the boot from programs like Bama.

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Another thing that affects this--Midwestern players being systematically underrated by recruiting services.