Thad Ain't So Bad After All

By Chris Lauderback on May 11, 2011 at 8:46a

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I really wish he had stayed for his senior season; he would have been able to help a lot in the Wisconsin game. Can you imagine a D-Line w/ Gibson + Simon + Heyward + Williams + Hankins... good grief! Hopefully he'll get his shot with some playing time this year in SF.

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Also notice that the Dispatch derped the part about Maurice Wells' mother being a customer of Kniffin's.  It turns out that Wells used his mom's old car as a trade-in toward a new used vehicle.

That just screams of underhandedness.  Right?

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They could have waited two freakiin' days and would have gotten the facts, but no, print it on a Sat. (BMV closed) and let it stew in shit and then report the update on Wednesday.  Strongly worded letter sent to Editor

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I hope you post their response, I would like to see how they defend themselves.


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They won't respond.

Long live the southend.

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Another example of in depth journalism!!  They may respond, Pam, but their words will be carefully chosen to make sure there is no admission of wrong doing on their part.   

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EXACTLY!!!  But of course now that it's been dropped into the national media will you hear anybody apologize for releasing this faulty information - Curious to see if ESPN's College Football Live makes any retractions

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this is my exchange with one of the reporrters Mike Wagner:

From: Pamela Mason
Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 9:32 AM
To: Mike Wagner
Subject: Ohio State football: Older title shows player paid $13,700 for his car

“But a prior title on the vehicle obtained by The Dispatch yesterday shows that the car with 13,760 miles was purchased on June 27, 2007, and financed through Huntington National Bank. The title without a purchase price was issued on March 6, 2008, with Huntington still listed as the lender.”

You couldn’t have waited a couple of days to verify your story? 

From: Mike Wagner []

Hi Pam,
This one deal represented a couple graphs in a very large story that we held for several days as it was. And there was no indication last Friday that we were going to be able to get the paper work from the state on Gibson's car deal any time soon. And we still don't have the whole story surrounding that deal or the others. Thanks for your interest.

To: 'Mike Wagner'

Dear Mike,

Thanks for responding. 

Unfortunately, the story you did print is the only one that is shown on ESPN.  They ran a crawl of it all day on Sat. and have not updated it with this new information.  So, outside of folks who read the Dispatch, Thad paid $0 for his car and Mo Wells and his mom bought cars.  It is a story that demands accuracy considering all that is going on with the football program.  I have no issue with the Dispatch reporting on anything having to do with Jim Tressel  or the players, but I have a big one with this.  You absolutely needed to wait to get the paper work from the state on Thad’s car.  IMO, you should have sat on it until then.



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Also, I tweeted Andy Staples (SI), Stewart Mandel (SI) and gasp, they had not heard any updates until I told them about it.  Staples says that Thad still got a verrrrry deeeeep discount

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A used car for $14K.  A nice deal, but hardly worth the attention this story received.  Not a verrrrry deeeeep discount.  Like Ramzy pointed out yesterday.  Some paid more, some paid less than Blue Book value.  That's what happens in the car business.

vacuuming sucks

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  BFeldmanESPN  Bruce Feldman
New info shows OSU's Gibson paid $13,700 for car -

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Looks like Bruce was all over this story.  I am going to have to ask SI and ESPN for a finders fee.

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They just ran it on sportcenter too. 

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Did you notice the backhanded "retraction" the dispatch editor tweeted on this matter today? Something along the lines of "Correction: Gibson did not a pay $0, but paid $13,700 for a luxury car with 13,700 miles on it."

"Luxury" car?

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You mean the car story is more than likely a non-story!?  Like I said previously, go look at any D1 school with a decent football program, they all drive nice cars from the same car maker.  The coaches/car dealers/parents/players/who ever know how to get around this without it being "illegal" to the NCAA.