Former Provost Has Harsh Words for Tressel

By Chris Lauderback on April 1, 2011 at 9:47a

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I hope the other commitee members aren't hanging judges, sheesh.  At what point do we cut bait? Why you gotta break my heart Jimmy? Ugh, I want this to go away. I have a feeling the NCAA will tell us what the HAM will be if we keep Vest and what it will be if we move on, then we'll get conclusion to this bag o' stink, I wish they would just hurry up, the waiting is killing me, and the sports void is teh sux. I don't care about stickball and the Crew blows this year.  I'm thinking Fickel gettting this 5 game "head coach" gig may be in in part preperation for worst case scenarioageddon. A part of me feels like Jim should step down (and I hate it), I'd get fired from my job if I did something equivelent in the IT field. My users need to trust me implicitly with sensitve data & hardware, I can't imagine breaking that relationship. A guy here got waxed for falsifying his certification/education history and not coming clean when pressed.  He was very capable and a good guy but he blew it. Trust is hard to regain man.  /I've had too much caffeine



I wonder if/when the recruiting service thing is gonna blow up on LSU and Oregon? I don't like seeing any school get the ban-cannon, because it hurts the kids most, but there needs to be something else to take the spotlight off the Bucks. You know all big programs have dirt so it really doesn't surprise me, but Jim lying plus fwd'ing those emails to TP's agent, I mean mentor, is stupifying. I'm going to go listen to that Friday song until I go comotose and  have my gf wake me when football is back. 

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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The NCAA has ruled on our 'tat-5' but I wonder if this is the conclusion (for personal and outward reasons).

TP is one player for a certainty (and yes, he is) who knew he was ineligible at the beginning of the season. The more seen, and heard from people in the know, the more disgusting this appears.