Pearl Out at UT

By Jason Priestas on March 21, 2011 at 2:49p

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Pretty unbelievable that the administration would screw over the team like it did - who makes that announcement right before the tournament?

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Yeah, that was pretty bush.

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And here come the comparisons of Pearl to JT.  Two entirely different scenarios, but the bashing will continue. 

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According to Greg Doyel of CBS, it is Jim Tressel's fault that Pearl got fired.  No lie. 

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I just went to read that. What a joke.

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Don't bother giving him the hits.  It's the only reason he writes the garbage in the first place.  A sad, washed-up, compromised man.

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But, I'm in the business of links. Our readers can draw their on conclusions.

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At some point, you gotta say fuck it, ignore everybody (even the non_Buckeyes jumping on th Bball band wagon), and give the world your middle finger.

Seriously, I am at the point where the local radio station sports guys in Virginia Beach are the only shows I really listen to. I am pretty well versed on Old Dominion and CAA sports.

I recognize that until I was about 22 I was a lifelong waste of potential, and I am in no position to judge others. I actually feel bad for Pearl, the way UT handled it. I am also (going to draw the wrath of others) actually liked him as a coach until this mess came about.

As far as the poll, I thought about it while stuck in traffic, and my vote is nobody, it's our time.

"2014 National with it!!!"

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Yes! This, this, and this!

"At some point, you gotta say fuck it, ignore everybody (even the non_Buckeyes jumping on th Bball band wagon), and give the world your middle finger."


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Ran the Shamrock 1/2 out here, wearing lime green clothes with scarlet Buckeye running socks...I did my best afterwards to say hi to everyone wearing Buckeye gear.

"2014 National with it!!!"

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the UT AD is a joke.  Hamilton should be fired too

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Not particularly good news for Tressel diehards......


What Pearl did is not much different than Jim Tressel's lapses.

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Just because UT's AD went back on his support of his basketball coach doesn't mean too much as to how our AD will handle the situation. They seem to operate very differently, fortunatley.

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I think a couple of things separate Tressel and Pearl:

  • Though the infractions are similar, Pearl actively lied to NCAA investigators. Tressel mislead by signing a form indicating he was not aware of any wrongdoing in his program.
  • Pearl followed his ordeal up by getting dinged for a minor violation when he "bumped" into a recruit last month.
  • On the surface at least, Tressel's reputation is a lot better than Pearl's. For the sake of this exercise, let's assume they're both cheaters behind close doors (and both cheat the same amount). All I know is that there are no photos of Tressel floating around the web of him hugging young ladies in bikinis. Seems small, but little things like that matter.
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I agree with you that I'm not prepared to lump JT into a "category." I'll wait to hear more before I make a deicion. I do have to say though, if Brutus (can we rename him bringer of death? lol enjoy his posts but I get ominous funny chills when I see he has posted) is correct in more bad to come in regards to information on this ... and if he is correct that we severely undercut the reccomendations by the consultant staff, it's hard for me to think the NCAA isn't going to hit us and hit us hard.

If something like the above occurs - Meaning we get hit with hard hard sanctions and the additional info only makes things worse ... I cannot fathom the Board of Trustees letting things stay this way, regardless of what Gee has gone on record saying.

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Oh, definitely. I fully expect to have to vacate all of the wins from 2010, but I think Tressel keeps his job.

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I don't think I've seen comments from you on your stance with this and maybe you haven't taken one yet.


My fear in regards to the information to come is that we will find out that JT did forward the emails ... to the players involved. While I could somewhat understand wanting to stop them directly, you can't say you didn't want to interfere with a federal investigation and then tip ppl off + not inform compliance/legal.


I am curious though Jason, I remember 11w linking an article to the reporter in Cinci who claimed the information yet to come ... would paint JT in a better light with this and in his words, it would be shown that he did the right thing. I think I remember your footnote being that it "jived with what you're hearing."


Since that time there have been a few others "in the know" saying the opposite. That the remaining info would def not be good. Guess I'm just curious where you/11w stand right now on that...

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I guess officially, we're somewhat in the dark. We get good info from time to time, but on this one, our guess is as good as yours right now.  I did hear something early on that led to some hope, but since then have heard conflicting info, so I'm reluctant to share what I heard.

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Bringer of death? Literally laughed out loud at that one.  No more bad news to share right now thankfully.


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Though the infractions are similar, Pearl actively lied to NCAA investigators. Tressel mislead by signing a form indicating he was not aware of any wrongdoing in his program.

Did the NCAA do any kind of preliminary investigation before the Sugar Bowl to determine at least the basic outline of the violations?  If so, did they ask Tressel the usual "what did you know and when did you know it" questions?

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Yes, they did. Tressel's answer to the "did you have any knowledge" wasn't a denial that he didn't. He stated he had received an email regarding this but it seemed like it was more involving the social choices of his players.

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Thanks for the info.

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Actually, I think the worst part of the Pearl situation isn't that he flat out lied to the NCAA investigators, but that he made a concerted effort to cover it up after the fact.  He actually called Craft's father and told him that Aaron's visit was a violation and that the NCAA was investigating.  In an interview, Craft's father implied that Pearl coached him on what to say if/when the NCAA came calling.  This to me is the most egregious violation.


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Pearl must have tiger blood.

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Forget Tressel, Aaron Craft is responsible for Pearl getting fired. Our little Aaron Craft got a big time CBB coach fired.  When he was a junior in HS.  Imagine that. 

You just can't make this shit up

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That player doesn't seem to get the fact that Pearl isn't being fired for recruiting infractions. He seems really oblivious to the situation. And to blame Craft... Yeah, okay guy.

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Tressel could have written the emails off as "social rumors" or some other form of he said she said stuff.  What amazes me is that the entire discussion of a Heisman national champion getting paid to play has been completely swept under the rug, as though it was just "mom and pops" talk.  Pun intended.  The 'media' has once again single handedly made this, the greatest thing to ever happen to auburn, sec.  I do exclude 11W from the 'media' b/c they are the last form of unbiased, infocrazed gurus to provide factual reports, of course.  Thanks again guys.  Here's to Newark!  Is that New Jersey or New York?


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I brought this up before but got no response so I figure I'd try again since we're sort of back on the subject of the emails.  What the hell does this mean:

"...any names from our last discussion?? I would like to hold some collateral if you know what I mean..."

JT wrote this to Cicero on June 1, to which Cicero says that the two current names are still good (presumably Pryor and Posey).  Does anyone have any theories? The collateral comment doesn't make any sense given the context of all the other emails.  Either there were other emails we haven't seen or Cicero and JT spoke.  Either way, it doesn't sound good. 

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Yeah, the emails don't do Tressel very nicely. There's just so much missing still, or at least it looks that way.

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"I would like to hold collateral if you know what I mean..." I would presume he is talking about collateral with the 2 players named. You would have to imagine he met with them and did the whole "tell me the truth and all of it or else" bit, if they lied about others being involved etc. im sure there was serious consequences.