6AM Workouts in Full Swing

By Jason Priestas on March 7, 2011 at 1:03p

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argyle182021's picture

Here's video of Joe Hale beating John Simon in the 'band war' drill at 6am practice:



Is it Saturday Yet's picture

holy shit that was crazy

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Wow! Are you sure that was Simon?  I'm definitely excited to see Hale get some playing time! Thanks for the video, Argyle!



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That was more leverage than strength. John was too high when the whistle was blown. Joel was lower thus gained the advantage. Technique trumps strength more times than not as long as the subject has sufficient strength to apply that technique. I would like to see comparisons on their weightlifting repetitions.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.