Bucks Get Two McDonald's All-Americans

By Alex on February 11, 2011 at 9:49a

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It seems like elite basketball players have little loyalty to the local schools the way football players do...especially outside Ohio.   Looks like the diaper dandies just want to play on the best team.  I'm glad Matta can bring in a few OOS players, but if we can just keep the borders locked down from the other powerhouses, we ought to be good for years.

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Kentucky got FOUR? Oversigning in hoops or are they really losing that many?

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Cal's not scared to chase people away, that's what he did 2 years ago when he got the job.  My guess is that Jones and Knight are going to take off for sure.  Possibly Liggns and or Lamb too.  Also Harrelson is a senior, so they could lose anywhere from 1 to 6 guys


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Cal can't coach once they get to Lexington. 5 first round picks and couldn't get it done. Also, since a majority of them don't graduate, doesn't sUK lose scholarships eventually for not making some graduation rate?

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We have 5 total commits to their 4 total commits?