Vote for Lighty

By Jason Priestas on January 26, 2011 at 11:59a

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Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I voted.  Lighty was barely in the lead when I voted.  This kid deserves every award he can get.  I sent out a mass email with the link asking folks to vote and to pass it on.

NW Buckeye's picture

Just voted.   Lighty has almost 25% of the votes.  Closest to him has 15%. 

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And we'll drink to old Ohio, 'Til we wobble in our shoes! 

The_Lurker's picture

Vote for Lighty once per day (as allowed by rules). Let's show our appreciation to the winningest Buckeye hoopster of all time.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I agree.  He's at 28% today and I voted again.  I think this should be permanently fixed so that it is kind of advertised on the front of the 11W webpage until voting ends.  Is there a way to permently keep it up in Buckshots?