Pryor Responds to Herbie

By Chris Lauderback on January 1, 2011 at 1:26p

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why why why why why why why why why?

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cuz he's immature immature immature immature...

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how can anyone defend this guy anymore?  I am not a big Herbie fan, but man, he just needs to shut his yapper.   I think he will turn his back on Tress and the program and leave even though he won't be drafted until 4th or 5th round.

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Because Herbie is an idiot who runs his mouth too much, too.  He is an SEC suckup who has been poisoned by ESPN.

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We are all now dumber for having read this.


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Immature. Sure. I still find it kinda funny, though.

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Agreed.  Herbie is a tool, and was a crappy quarterback, but JT might want to consider a media blackout for Pryor for however long the rest of his career spans.  Herbie wins by not getting caught up.

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Herbie didn't win. He's 0-4-1. 

Pryor's 3-0.

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Maybe Terrelle can sell one of his gold pants to Herbs.

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Jesus Christ. Stop, just stop.

"You might as well appeal against a thunderstorm as against these terrible hardships of war. War is cruelty, there is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over." -William T., Battle of Atlanta, B1G.

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It's not like TP is winning against some of tSUN teams that Troy Smith faced or anything. At this point I hope he does go. I can't handle his LeBroness....

I can't fathom Tress supporting TPs behavior any longer.

At this point I'm much more interested in the basketball team.

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We know Herbie loves Ohio State, but sometimes he is way too critical.  I can't stand watching an Ohio State game in which he broadcasts.  He just goes overboard on his evaluation of the Buckeyes.   I even have a friend who is a Badger who agrees.  He needs to listen to the critics and not just write it off to "homer" Buckeye fans.

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Don't mind this at all. I'm pissed off at Herbie and it will take a lot for me to forgive his antics. He's an asshole for what he did.

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Shouldn't this be about our current starting qb? About how he needs to grow up, gain some perspective?

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We all have to remember that he was asked these questions. He wasn't holding a news conference just to say these things.

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So what? They get asked leading questions all the time. He needs to take the high road and he rarely does. Your TP blinders are on too tight.

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Nope, but my "Kirk Herbstriet is a douche" blinders are perhaps on too tight.

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Taking the high road...

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You related to him?

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Why don't you just go talk about how much greater Taylor Martinez is?

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I don't have a problem with what he said in response to the question.

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The only thing I dislike more than the dumb comments from Pryor or Herbstreit are hypercritical dumb comments from fans about Pryor or Herbstreit. Luckily they're in high supply.


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At the end of the day, who gives a shit?  This has nothing to do with the Sugar Bowl or Arkansas.  There's no bulletain board material here.  All it's going to do is make Herbie pick Arkansas, which he was likely going to do anyway. 

After listenning to him carry on about how if Tressel doesn't bench the players for the Sugar Bowl or the pillars of his program will come crashing down, I just don't care to listen to Herbie at all.  He is in no position to to make that judgement.  He's never coached a team, he's never had to deal with all this stuff.  It's his job to analyze the games and teams on the field, not comment on what a coach should do with his program.

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I have been preaching about Pryor's mouth and arrogance since he was a freshman. Many people have defended him since my first comments. I suppose people will continue to do so but I expect more from a three year quarterback than what I have seen. Again, I am appreciative of his service and think he has some serviceable talents but I wish he would have had an open mind when he came to the program and left his immaturity in Pennsylvania. No wonder he hasn't progressed as far as the hype would have thought possible. If Tressel teaches nothing else, he teaches humility and humbleness. I have only seen those feigned by Pryor. His comments from Freshman year on prove that if he had no room in his head to learn that little from Tress why would he have learned anything about becoming a quarterback. I have seen the progression but is it as much as he could have progressed had he bought in to the Tresselization in its entirety? Were his comments  bulletin board material? No! Were they necessary? Hell no. His focus needs to be on the Arkansas defense not Herbtreit. Any questions asked about anything else should have been differed.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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So we'd like TP to pull the "Drew Rosenhaus' next question" everytime somebody asks him a question not game-related? That's not douche baggy at all...

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Yes, it is clear from one quote today that his focus is on Herbie and not the Arkansas defense. You've got to be fucking kidding me.


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I have no problem with Herbstreit being critical of Ohio State. It is his job. Terrelle should be focusing on the Sugar Bowl! Not what some ESPN analyst says about him. If TP can't handle the heat on the college level, he sure as hell ain't going to be able to handle it on the pro level.

I look at Herbstreit like a coach and his son. A coach is harder on his own son than the other players.

All this just adds up to a player not focused on the upcoming game.

You would think after "Tat-gate" Terrelle would have learned to be a little humble, and not quite so defensive. I agree with IRRICOIR.



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Agree.  Pryor can say his opinion and Herbstreit can say his.  Who's more wrong or right.  I'd say Pryor is more wrong and Herbstreit more right.  Herbstreit is often just doing his job and saying an outsider's perspective.  He sees the bigger picture and says an observation.

On the other hand Pryor is cocky, immature and may have "other issues" going on that he should seek help with.  I enjoy Pryor's competitive nature but he is like a hot psycho chick.  His baggage is starting to build up.  He keeps saying he doesn't care what ESPN analyst say but he keeps commenting on it.  SHM

I like Herbstreit for who he is and I like Pryor for who he is.   Herbstreit obviously sees the bigger picture and is more articulate.  Pryor is the best QB tOSU has right now, but he needs to grow up and become a man.

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Shades of gray, to the max.


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I just saw the video of TP saying this. I'd just like to say that it was more of him saying he doesn't worry about what Herbdouche says. It was the last question of his interview and as he was getting up he jokingly made the remark.