Luck to Return to Stanford

By Jason Priestas on January 6, 2011 at 2:43p

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There must be some pretty credible info out there indicating a lockout is a sure thing.  There's no way a guy who is the consensus number one overall pick comes back just for the heck of it.

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Jake locker, peyton manning...(junior seasons)

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I never heard that Jake Locker was a lock to be the number 1 pick last year. 

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You don't watch enough Todd McShay.

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Im not so sure about the lockout being even close to a sure thing.. The NFL brand is too smart to allow itself to self-destruct.  Also; players are forgo-ing their senior seasons, J.J Watt has declared himself eligible for the NFL Draft.....thank youuu lol

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Yeah they've never had a lockout before.

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They had a work stoppage in the 80's.  Everything I've read about it seems like it could get ugly.  

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Thing that shocks me is that he not only made this decision well b4 the deadline but also b4 harbaugh has even sniffed around other coaching positions

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Do we not recognize redshirt seasons around here?

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Ha. Derp.  Fixed now. (Thanks)

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I used to be all for guys returning for their senior seasons.  However, I now feel if they are a surefire top 10 pick they should leave.  The money is too great to pass up.  I would hate for a guy to suffer a bad injury or have a bad season.  I am 100% sure Matt Leinart would have been the top pick in the 2005 draft if he would have left after his jr year.  However, he didn't and the 49'ers picked Alex Smith instead.  I respect Luck's decision but he has received some bad advice.

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I don't think so he is probably really enjoying himself. He comes from an affluent family and will be successful regardless if he went #1 this year or #8 next year.

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I guess if he comes from money he could be doing a Peyton Manning thing.