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January 13, 2011 at 3:57p    by Luke


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I kinda agree. I hated it at first but after seeing it side by side with the SEC logo on ESPN, ours looked way more modern and clean. Its growing on me. 

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I like the ones that do not doctor up the name Big Ten and add in 12 stars, which allows it to be easily adjusted during future expansion.  I like the small logo that's currently had, but the larger one is pretty 'meh'.

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"Criminally underrated." Luke's damn right! 

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Still hate the logo. Not as much as Leaders & Legends, but I still hate it. I like the new PAC 10 logo. I think the test should be if it looks good on a hat or a golf shirt, you've got a nice logo. Still hating Delany for the Carolina blue, too.