Forcier No Longer with Michigan

By Jason Priestas on January 12, 2011 at 2:26p

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This is surprising that the Forcier is not particularly bright............what with the impeccable spelling and grammar on his Dad is obviously Rhodes Scholar worthy.......

Oh well........Off to Grossmont Community College Tate........

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Say it aint so Fivecier! Say it aint so!

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Tate Five-cier, please transfer to Wisconsin, Penn State or Sparty.

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Time to reunite with what's-his-face down at Rice?

Class of 2010

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Are you referring to that amazing hurdler, Sam McGuffie?? The same Sam McGuffie who got absolutely rocked in his first game against Ohio State.

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Yes, him. Known for back flipping people while in high school on Youtube and racking up concussions in Ann Arbor.

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I believe that's actually J.B. "False Start" Shugarts whom he flips in the video, a high school teammate in Texas.