Troy Smith Awarded Game Ball

November 5, 2010 at 12:47p    by Keith


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This is great stuff.  Impressive to see Smith emerge as a leader of the locker room after having only been on the squad for a few weeks. 

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The beginning.

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"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

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I love how he basically said, "Nothing can happen on offense without the offensive line."  He must have remembered Derrick Harvey, Jarvis Moss and company making Alex Boone and Kirk Barton look like garbage.

"Anything easy ain't worth a damn." - Woody Hayes

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I love Troy.  I was lucky enought to talk with him on the Buckeye Cruise and he couldn't have been nicer.  He hugged me when I told him he was one of my favorite Buckeyes and how well he repped the school,the city and the state during his time at tOSU.  And as a woman I must add, he is gorgeous. 

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I read that he and Teddy Ginn have been going over the offense and working hard over the bye week.  Maybe we'll see Ginn will wake up and start doing something now too.