Fickell Named AFCA Assistant Coach of the Year

By Jason Priestas on November 23, 2010 at 11:52a

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Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Anyone think we'll lose him in the next year or two for a HC job somewhere?

RBuck's picture

Possibly. Then maybe come back at HC when Tress retires.

Long live the southend.

Jason Priestas's picture

He's flirted before (ND assistant) and received a hefty raise, so hopefully he's around here for a while, but there's a good chance a MAC school could scoop him up within the next few years.

TLB's picture

If he is going to be Tress's replacement, I would hope that he goes somewhere for experience rather than being elevated when Tress retires.

Kurt's picture

He would've left for ND if Tressel (or Gene Smith) hadn't added Co-DC to his title.  We shouldn't even consider letting him go somewhere else to be a headcoach, MAC level or whatever.  I believe that the current strength of our defense (let's say ever since USC '08) has been due to Fickell's input.  We need to separate Co from DC, otherwise it's back to straight Heacock.

F O U R's picture

I agree that he is awesome.  But Steve Addazio was also a finalist, which makes the award less prestigious.  Orson Spindle / Spencer Hall wants to pour a pot of McDonald's scalding hot coffee on Addazio's head, and the (lack of) production from UF's offense would warrant it.

Then again, they may just be crediting Addazio for holding the program together when Urbane went batshit crazy in the spring.  But then again, did Addazio even do a good job at that?

Blah blah blah.  Hold on to Fickell.  I predict he replaces Tress after they win the MNC with Braxton.


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I'm fine with Fickell going out and getting a HC position elsewhere to gain experience, so long as he comes back.