Bucks #9 in Newest BCS Rankings

By Alex on November 7, 2010 at 8:59p

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Not sure if you all noticed this or not... but interestingly, Bama actually moved up in the computer rankings after losing to LSU.

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Must have something to do with Arkansas beating Carolina.

Or maybe it is just because they are in the eSECpn, the greatest conference ever.

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Going to be really hard for us to go any higher, even if we win out.  Looking at the schedules of the teams in front of us, none are very difficult.  Auburn may lose to 'Bama, but they won't drop that far.  Only other really tough game looks like LSU at Arkansas, unless I missed something.

If only Iowa State could have held on.

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Wisco at Michigan will be more of a challenge then you think...Nebraska in the B12 championship isn't a gimme...Oregon vs Arizona and Oregon State is challenging...Probably would need Auburn to drop to Bama and then the SEC championship game (if they're in it)....We could probably jump Boise State, but not TCU....Stanford seems a lock to win out, while LSU can lose to Arkansas or definitely S. Carolina in SEC game.....it's  1% chance...but I'm saying there's a chance Lloyd Christmas style! Miami really killed us this year though

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Miami was doing fine until Luke picked them to beat Florida State in his column.  Just sayin.

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I did miss one.........Boise at Nevada, day after Thanksgiving 10:15pm.

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I hope TCU sleeps on San Diego State next week...if the game was at SDSU I would even bet them (in fake dollars of course)...Brady Hoke has done a great job with that team. They are 7-2 (4-1 in MWC) and their two losses are 27-24 at Missouri and 24-21 at BYU. They've beaten a solid Air Force team and are capable of pulling an upset over TCU. I'm not sure it will happen, but the chance is there.

Nevada can beat Boise but I just can't see it happening

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i personally really, really really want to see a non AQ team win the NC, ideally against an SEC team, so my dream matchup right now is auburn/TCU. i still think this OSU team would get smoked against pretty much any team in the top 5, to be honest.

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er, top 4 i guess. i disagree with TP that we beat wisconsin 9 times out of 10, but we would kick LSU's ass.

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I am speaking blasphemy against a few who comment on this blog, but TCU is the best team in the country right now. It would really suck to see an Oregon-Auburn matchup.

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Should we win out...........would a BCS bowl have the guts to take us over Wisky?

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If both us and Wisky win out we're both making BCS Bowls....one in the Rose the other in Sugar

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Thats for sure, but if we both win out, i dont see us jumping Wisky to go to the Rose, and we shouldn't they deserve it.

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Sugar bowl's going to be the better place for us anyway.  Those damn non-AQ teams have a motivation advantage in every bowl game they play. 

If the non-AQ team wins, they prove to the world they belong.  If you beat them, you prove nothing.

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the only thing that bothers me about this logic is that non AQ teams basically prove nothing no matter what they do. TCU should be considered a better team than auburn, but because of the BCS and human voters who might literally go an entire season without watching one of their games, they get shafted no matter what they do.

i really want to see a non AQ team win the NC over an established, super hyped, traditional power. if TCU ends up playing and beating oregon in the NC, the narrative isn't going to be about college parity, it's going to be about how TCU exposed an oregon offense that was only successful against poor defenses and how if TCU played auburn things mightve been different.

reece davis got all mad on saturday at the idea that two non AQ teams shoudn't play each other "because they're not good enough," which is actually the exact opposite reason why people don't want two non AQ teams playing; the real reason is that it's a BS way to sequester two very good teams and dismiss both the result of the game and the teams in it because they didn't play "real" teams.

the BCS is set up to maintain the status quo, and it is a terrible way to determine a NC.

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I vascillate on whether I think a playoff is good or not, but this is definitely a problem that the playoff system would cure.  TCU goes and beats two or three in a row and they get respect from everyone.  Plus the people that play them are playing to move on, not simply to show they can beat TCU.