Buckeyes Fall to 11th in AP Poll

By Jason Priestas on October 17, 2010 at 2:20p

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True. I'd have been surprised if we'd stayed in top 10.

Johnny Hooker: "He's not as tough as he thinks". Henry Gondorff: "Neither are we".

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Alabama loses they only drop to 8th

We lose right out of the top ten

makes complete sense right?

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They lost in the "almighty" ESS EEE CEE.  We lost in the "crappy" Big Ten.  Can't complain about our drop but theirs seemed a bit sketchy.  Got to keep them high enough so they can make it back to the championship game if they win out...

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Alabama lost to South Carolina, OSU lost to Wisconsin....we're 11th and they only dropped to 8? That's just wrong.



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Well, the SEC does have four-straight MNCs so, until the Big Ten gets another one, we're just going to have to deal with it.

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Why do we even bother to still concern ourselves with a poll that has ABSOLUTELY no bearing on the course of our season?


Coaches' Poll: 10th

BCS: 10th