Down Goes No. 1 Arizona

By Vico on February 2, 2014 at 9:56a
California celebrates upset of Arizona

Tough Saturday to be a top ten team. No. 6 Kansas got hammered by Texas. No. 7 Michigan State lost to hapless, unranked Georgetown, and no. 8 Oklahoma State lost at home to Baylor

Cal believes misery should love more company after its upset of Arizona last night. Justin Cobbs' hit the game-winner in regulation.

It's hard to point and laugh at Arizona this point, which began the season 21-0 after being bounced by the Buckeyes from the NCAA Tournament. These things happen, especially during conference road games.

California, now 15-7 on the season, improves to 6-3 in league play. Cobbs' game-winner gave him a game-high 19 points. Kaleb Tarczewski led Arizona with 18 points and was a perfect 12-12 from the charity stripe.

The loss leaves Syracuse, which defeated Duke last night in overtime, as the clear no. 1.


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I find this interesting. Wichita State, who eliminated us last year in the Elite 8, could move to #2 or 3 and is sitting at 23-0. Iowa State beat OK yesterday and sits at 16-4, and AZ just lost their first game of the year. These are all teams we played in the tourney last year, and all 3 teams playing well again this year.
I hope we can get some of that same mojo that propelled us thru the final dozen games last year.

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Not sure that Arizona will drop with this first loss.  If so I still think they will only flip flop with Syracuse as WSU has had no where near the schedule Arizona has.  WSU is overrated this year, and I they will get exposed in the tourney.
We, unlike those teams lost our offensive scorer and as we have seen, makes a difference.
It was a good day to be a fan on BB with all the losses, but also shows why parity is well cloaked because a loss can come to anyone on a bad day.

Go Bucks!

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We went 15-0 with Wichita State's schedule.


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Zona will drop to #3 or 4, and either Wich St or Florida will slide up to #2. Wichita State is the real deal, they're like us, with a stifling D, but also can shoot and score. I'd put them up against anyone. Your comment about parity was spot on, which makes your certainty about WSU being overrated a very puzzling statement.
 And as we all know, in bball, there's rarely ever such a thing as an ubeatable. This year, there looks to again be 6-8 teams that could go on a title run.

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” ~Carl Rogers

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The game is obviously not over when they storm the court. Remember that whole revelation we learned after the Cal game, about how they're winning in life because they actually learn things at their superior institution? At least we can count. 

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And Kansas and your little dog too.
I know we say this every CBB season, but this REALLY has been a crazy season, top teams with great records getting knocked down and some of them going on unfathomable losing streaks (unfortunately the bucks being in that category).  Parity, parity parity and more parity.

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At least I know what Mike Montgomery is doing now. He doesn't have to go back to co -starring as the Sargent on Chips.