Urban Meyer Poses with Goldust of the WWE

By Jason Priestas on January 19, 2014 at 5:04p
Goldust and Urban Meyer

The WWE is in town, which naturally means the stars of the wrestling world want to pose for photos with the star of the Ohio football world.


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bucknasty13's picture

He's still doing this??

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Just saw a commercial the other day with Sting headlining a match.

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For TNA...which sucks...

Class of 2010.

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I don't care who it's for I just googled it the mans 54. Gold Dust for comparison is 44.

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I swear sting is like the modern day ultimate warrior.  Everyone else keeps getting older and he stays the same age.

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Except Sting isn't batsh!t crazy.

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Sting !! Roxan Sting of the musical group ,"the POLICE" ?


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i just wonder who sought out who?

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Dusty Rhodes wow lol

stark county football

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Dustin, his son, right?  Still ...

Phoenix824's picture

Yes. Dusty's son Dustin

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He's back and maybe better than ever!

Class of 2010.

You can't spell chump without UM's picture

Needless to say, this will give me *takes off sunglasses* shattered dreams 

Brady Hoke ate my comment

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shattered dreams

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Oh my gosh, the scUM sites will go crazy over this pic.
But they deserve some happiness...

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Sleepy's picture

Do UM fans not like wrestling?

Knarcisi's picture

They can't recognize football, so sure they can't recognize wrestling. 

Crumb's picture

As wrestling fans like to chant "This is awesome!"

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highwire's picture

Remember the name...UrbDust.

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i am marking out like a bro man

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Urban is jet plane flyin', limousine ridin', stylin' and profilin' all over Brady Hoke's fat face... WOOOOOO!

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I was there.  Sat 4 seats down in his row.  Randy Orton got popped and his gum flew out on Nate.  The Real Americans talked crap about the MSU loss right in front of Urban and Nate too.

Knarcisi's picture

Randy Orton?  Was there any wrestler there under 50?

TNbuckeye91's picture

Randy Orton is 33...

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Didn't Cowboy Bob Orton have a brother?

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I heard Jake the Snake did something the other day.  He's 58.

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While we are giving shout outs to wrestlers who are/should be on medicare who are still doing stuff/wrestling, I think the Hulkster and Nature Boy need some love here too. Now, if we could just bring Andre the Giant back from the dead.

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Actually was there tonight.  In ring announcer said we have a special guest tonight and Urbs and his son (and son's friend) maybe even daughters were there in the front row.  First match was Prime Time Players (Titus O'Neill) played for Urban at Florida.  Gave him a hug. 

Statutoryglory's picture

Ah I couldn't figure why he was so chummy with that dude as opposed to more famous guys.

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Looks like he just played for Florida, but in the Spurrier era, not for Urban.  Probably just knows him from being around the program.

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Didn't know Urbz is a wrestling fan... Good to hear he got to see one of his former players though and spend time with his family. Good stuff.

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I believe a few years ago the wrestlers were in town and did some taping at the WHAC and in UfM's office. Maybe he is a fan or the fact that some of his ex-players are now with the WWE they are calling in favors.

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there was also a picture floating around of Ryback and Urban 3:16 from last nights show.

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Screw Gold Dust...here's my man when I used to actually watch WWF, now known as WWE.

The only other time I watched WWE was for this guy...

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