Buckeyes Galore in Latest Scout 2014 Rankings

By Jordan Wagner on January 15, 2014 at 1:12p

Five-star Sam Hubbard

Scout is the latest network to release their final addition of their top prospect lists. Ohio State was well represented with 17 of their 21 commitments making the list of the top 300 prospects in the nation. The four prospects that missed the cut are of the three-star variety. 

Cincinnati Moeller star and Ohio State commitment Sam Hubbard keeps his five-star rating on Scout, despite not cracking ESPN's rankings of the 300 best high school prospects. The Buckeyes have plenty of secondary help coming in with Damon Webb, Erick Smith and Marshon Lattimore being near five-stars. 

Here are the current commitments in Scout's top 300. 

Rank Player Pos.     Rank Player Pos.
29 Sam Hubbard LB   85 Parris Campbell ATH
42 Damon Webb CB   107 Demetrius Knox OT
43 Erick Smith S   108 Jalyn Holmes DE
50 Raekwon McMillan LB   123 Noah Brown WR
51 Marshon Lattimore CB   151 Johnnie Dixon WR
60 Curtis Samuel ATH   230 Terry McLaurin WR
63 Jamarco Jones OT   258 Malik Hooker S
67 Kyle Berger LB   285 Kyle Trout OT
76 Dante Booker LB        

Ohio State remains fifth in Scout's team rankings with the updated player rankings. Rivals is the only site that has yet to release updated rankings. 


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TMac's picture

This is why I gotta trust in UFM - because the recruiting sites have a guy like Sam Hubbard anywhere from 29th in the country to 29th in the State of Ohio

ONE Not Done!

PittBuckeye's picture

That's what I said. The thing to me is a guy that big who has that kind of athleticism you can find a spot for on your football team. And that shows through in all the talk of the different positions he could play.

PittBuckeye's picture

And can someone explain to me why Speedy Noil is rated so much higher than Terry McLaurin? I just don't get that one.

OSUStu's picture

New Orleans, LA versus Indianapolis, IN.  That is a big part of it.  Also, the name Speedy just has cache up the ying yang.

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Lawver_5's picture

I'm going to have to guess that Terry being from the area he's from, he doesn't get a lot of recruiting attention. Now with that, Speedy Noil looks like a legit talet and is probably ranked correctly. McLaurin is probably low for what he did this season, but honestly it doesn't matter how many stars you have when you step onto campus. 

2002osubuck's picture

Because Tom lugenbill and his cronies "discovered" him. They also made him a great player because he went to their camps and under armor game. If it wasn't for them, he might not even have a scholarship offer.

BuckeyeBred's picture

Anyone else really, really hate Sam's high school uniform?  The letter is nasty and the colors are even worse.  Granted, it doesn't have that ridiculous "wing" on the helmet, but geez.

Buckeye in Illini country's picture

My high school (McNicholas in Cincy) isn't much better.  At least the 'M', and our colors, supposedly match up with the look of Marshall instead.

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sharks's picture

That kid went from partial scholarship lax commit to one of the top football players in the nation. Was on no ones radar except UFM.

A man got to have a code...

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ESPN is a slow follower when it comes to the fast risers.  I think it is less that they are biased and more that they just don't have the talent covering this stuff.

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Hubbard should be a special teams beast next year I am guessing.

Squirrel Master's picture

This week with all the recruiting changes going on is why I think these sites should really explain their rankings in short write ups. When a kid like Hubbard is a 5 star top 30 player on one site and not even a top 300 on another: someone needs to explain themselves!
I really would like to here ESPN justify some of their rankings.
SAM HUBBARD: Despite his unnatural size and speed combination for a S/OLB, we feel he is too raw to elicit a higher ranking compared to a similar player who is smaller and slower but from FLORIDA!

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BassDropper's picture

This recruiting class is ridiculous.
The most amazing part of this class to me personally is that Ohio State has three 5 star LBers.
Raekwon McMillan is a 5 star on 247, ESPN and Rivals
Dante Booker is a 5 star on 247 and rated as the 13th best player in the country
Sam Hubbard is a 5 star on Scout  
Kyle Berger could have been a 5 star if not for the ACL injury. 
Add those three 5 Stars with Mike Mitchell and Curtis Grant and there will be FIVE 5 star LBers on this years team. AMAZING.


Right Again's picture

10 of the top 100.  Pretty decent haul if you ask me!

RedStorm45's picture

Eric Smith ahead of Lattimore?  Iiiiiintersting.
More proof ESPN is a joke.

cuttyrock's picture

Smith reminds me of Christian Bryant.

Jhesse17's picture

This is by scout.

RedStorm45's picture

Apparently my part about Hubbard not being ranked in the ESPN 300 didn't make it through.  I just found the Smith/Lattimore interesting, not proof of ESPN sucking.  My bad.

cuttyrock's picture

I would still love to see Hubbard start out at strong safety.

Jordan Wagner's picture

He was told he will be practicing at SAM LB, at least at first. 

Go1Bucks's picture

all underrated on both sites, damn media types.
we have a great class, and its gonna be a great year

Go Bucks!

jamesrbrown322's picture

Scout.com and ESPN are notoriously unreliable for ranking recruits. 247 and Rivals seem to be far superior. So, don't go by, reference, or even trust ESPN and Scout that much. They're pretty ridiculous!

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