Site Lets You Simulate College Football Games Between Teams from 1996-Onward

January 15, 2014 at 11:22a    by DJ Byrnes    
The Box Score

Above you will find the box score to a simulated game between Ohio State's 2002 and 2013 teams. (Craig Krenzel was throwing darts!) 

It's from WhatIfSports, a simulator that lets you take ANY FBS team from 1996 onward, and simulate a game from another team from 1996-onward.

Other scores:

  • 2002 Ohio State: 30; 2013 FSU: 33.
  • 2013 Ohio State: 31; 2013 FSU: 42
  • 2013 Ohio State: 22; 2013 Auburn: 20
  • 2013 Ohio State: 28; 2006 Ohio State: 20


kareemabduljacobb's picture

Pretty cool site, however I keep simulating '12 bucks and '12 ND and they keep having ND win, and win big often.  Some BSSSSSS.

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yeah, same here. I've done that matchup with various offensive gameplans on each side 7 times now and the Irish have won by as few as 6 and as many as 29(!)
Finally on the 8th try, Buckeyes win 31-24 in overtime on a Braxton Miller run with a grand total of 67 passing yards. Player of the game? Everett Gholston. 
in other news-

damn straight. 

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7 passing first downs? This is obviously flawed.

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But 2 picks seems pretty accurate with Miller vs. those DBs...

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If you simulate 2006 UF vs 2006 OSU, OSU wins, same with 07 LSU and 07 OSU (At least with my simulations) which is kind of funny.
They also had OSU over the actual national champs in 96, 98, and 03...

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Only 20 points scored on this year's defense?


kareemabduljacobb's picture

Gotta be flawed to the max, just simulated '95 Bucks and last years Bama team... they had Ryan Hamby catching an 81 yard TD.  Doubtful.  That would've been dropped way before that.

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Somewhere, my buddy Zwick is smiling at that.

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9 punts for each team??!

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Tressel would be so proud!

Football is complicated...

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And what was the score for the 2002-2013 game shown?

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Under the Buckshots post is says, 20-10, 2002 team. Can't really argue with that.

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Played this years tOSU team vs the fighting Berts of Ark... We won 59-30.
Big days from Carlos and EzE...
Hyde: 204 yards 2 TDs with a long of 67.
EzE: 6 carries for 197 yards 3 TDs and wins player of the game.
Round 2: Bucks 46-28
Round 3: Bucks 62-35
Round 4: Bucks 55-14
Round 5: Bucks 56-21
Man, Bert just getting worked.

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#5-0 #wps

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good call- guess who Bert's defensive coordinator was? 
hope he does better for us than this website says

kareemabduljacobb's picture

Ha true, every game I simulated Hyde had at least 200 yards and 2 TDs. One game he had 275 and 5 TDs ha.

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That's a pretty cool site.  I've now got something to do during lunch.

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The 2013 team would wipe the floor with the 2002 -- and it's not a knock on that '02 team, either.
The game's changed so much over the past decade that the '02 team would be wholly unprepared for the offense we run or how to stop it.  It's the biggest problem with these kind of historical simulations, the game changes over time, and a great athlete from a previous era isn't necessarily as good when compared to present ones -- instead, their accomplishments live on because of how much they exceeded the status quo (and rightly so, in my opinion).

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Hmm. I tried the 2013 Badgers vs the 2013 Buckeyes, in Columbus. 10 times. UW won 7.

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18 punts in that game, yikes. The simulation must have assumed Tressel was coaching both teams

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The '02 front seven versus Brax/Hyde?
Slingin' Craig Krenzel against the '13 pass, uh, defense?
The Nuge/Groom versus Basil/The Punter from Down Under?
The Vest versus the Stare?


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40-15 versus  Bama ... this site seems to like us. 

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Simulated Game 7 of the 1997 World Series. Cleveland beats Florida 10-9; I go home and cry into my pillow.

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Interesting. I just simulated 2005 Buckeyes vs. 2005 Notre Dame (a game I actually attended and a season I felt like I remember pretty well) and it had ND win handily 5 times in a row before the Buckeyes finally prevailed in the 6th simulation.

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Whatifsports is pretty cool.  I've wasted tons of time on their baseball simulator. 
Hmm...what would it have been like had Kenny G started the Big Game?  Would we have suffered without Brax's legs?  Would our D struggle?
Final - 1/15/2014  1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Total
2013 Ohio State Buckeyes  10 6 21 13  50
2013 Michigan Wolverines  7 0 3 0  10
Final - 1/15/2014  1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Total
2013 Ohio State Buckeyes  0 14 0 0  14
2013 Michigan Wolverines  3 7 3 9  22
2013 Ohio State Buckeyes  6 7 7 14  34
2013 Michigan Wolverines  6 0 3 11  20

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Just put the '98 Buckeyes vs. the National Champion '98 Tennessee Volunteers.....
Buckeyes win 34-0
Germaine goes for 298 and 4 TDs
Wiley goes for 122

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!5 times I've clicked "Play Again"... All 15 wins

“Not everybody’s the perfect person in the world, I mean everyone kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever. I think that people need a second chance, and I’ve always looked up to Mike Vick." -TP

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Just did the same...24-7 buckeyes. Damon shame we never got to see that matchup materialize in real life. That's enough sparty...I now hate you and will believe you to be my mortal enemy for all of time. F#*k that whole state...

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Damon Shame is a pretty badass typo accidental name creation. I like. 

Shitter's full

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Same. Thrashings every time. Boston and Wiley go off.

OSUEXT's picture

Simulated '98 Buckeyes v. '02 Buckeyes,
Running the simulation, It's either a close win for the '02 Buckeyes, or a blow out win for the '98 Buckeyes. 

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Bummed they don't have FCS teams on there. Was really looking forward to simming Appalachian State and TTUN...

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Don't go there.... I'm warning you I've been doing it for hour now.  TOO ADDICTING 

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How is it possible that if you rerun the games without changing any of the conditions/field/offensive tendency that it can come up with a different outcome? I was getting 2012 Bama to beat 2013 OSU by 30 points, then resimming and getting OSU winning by 13.

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dumbest website ever
had 2013 arkansas beating 2002 OSU 27-24

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Neutral Site
1998 OSU 27
1998 Tenn 3
(at the Shoe - OSU 42-Tenn 14)
Neutral Site
1998 OSU 37
2013 FSU 19
(at the Shoe- - OSU 44-6)

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Looks like predictable scores on a neutral site but, crank up the weather, 20 degrees, medium wind, and tOSU beats USC in the 2009 game USC won! 

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I agree with the simulator in this case.

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Bah.  Wish they'd go back to '95.  Would love to see to the site would handle the juggernaut that was the '95 Huskers.

Eph97's picture

Sweet site.
98 OSU: 28
97 UM: 3
I get pissed thinking about all the free passes for losses, even late losses, these recent Alabama teams got, while our 98 team, arguably our greatest in the last 30 years, didn't for a fluke loss.

ABrown07's picture

probably because it was late in the year and no conference championship, but I agree, the talent on that team could not be ignored, they got overlooked big time.

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Ironically, it was the current beneficiary of Alabama's recent free passes for late losses that beat us in 98.  Screw him and screw all of TSUN.