247Sports Releases Final 2014 Rankings

By Jeremy Birmingham on January 14, 2014 at 3:37p
Curtis Samuel has continued to move up recruiting boards.

As the 2014 recruiting year comes to an end, Ohio State's prestigious "Dream '14" recruiting class sees itself moving all over the national recruiting ranking boards, finalized today by 247Sports.com. Ohio State has a whopping 17 players listed in the Top247, the rest of the Big Ten has a combined 23. 

Two of Ohio State's commitments, Sam Hubbard and Erick Smith, were among the biggest movers in the Top 247, moving up 100 spots to No. 123 and 226 spots to No. 61, respectively. Of Smith, 247 analysts were especially complimentary.

Smith was among the biggest risers at the Army Bowl due to his ability to play cornerback and his aggressiveness in run support. We won’t be surprised if he turns into one of Ohio State’s top commitments for 2014.

Hubbard's athleticism at 6-foot-6 and 225 pounds was what caught the eye of analysts and prompted his own skyrocketing up the charts.

Regardless of what position he plays at the next level, Hubbard is too athletic at 6-foot-6 not to make a big move. He is up 100 spots to No. 123.

Here are the current commits in the Top 247.

#13 Dante Booker 
#28 Raekwon McMillan
#43 Damon Webb
#44 Marshon Lattimore
#46 Curtis Samuel
#51 Jalyn Holmes
#61 Erick Smith
#62 Johnnie Dixon
#75 Jamarco Jones
#123 Sam Hubbard
#128 Parris Campbell
#133 Kyle Berger
#159 Demetrius Knox
#187 Terry McLaurin
#206 Noah Brown
#214 Marcelys Jones
#245 Kyle Trout

Texas A&M has three of the country's top six prospects, including top-ranked DE Myles Garrett, No. 5 Kyle Allen and No. 6 Speedy Noil.

Rivals.com has not released their final recruit rankings for 2014 yet, but they should soon.


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mh277907's picture

I particularly like numbers 43-46.


Diseased Leg's picture

Juju Smith is also in that range ;)

mh277907's picture

Wishful thinking, my friend


Aesculus.'s picture

Erick Smith really boosted his rating with his Army game performance.  

TheNorthernBuckeye's picture

Urban does it again! It's amazing the classes he can put together year in and year out. Does anyone see any potential PSU commits flipping with the new Hire? Wishful thinking in Holley. Also living about an hour north of Detroit I particularly like to follow Webb closely.  Got a chance to see him in person a couple times this year and he is a special player.  I would love to see him get a shot in a nickel situation next year.  Real natural corner with a nose for the ball when it's in the air.  

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almurray10's picture

I was really impressed watching Erick Smith in the Army All American game. I think he might be the gem of this class.

osu07asu10's picture

LB help is on the way. Dante, Kwon, Berger, Hubbard(?)

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The 0 is silent.

bucknasty13's picture

It sounds like Hubbard could be this classes tight end with a little more weight

teddyballgame's picture

We're already sitting on Mike Mitchell 
loaded for the next few years

hansman's picture

Don't forget Trey Johnson

Zimmy07's picture

247 has OSU at #2 in team rankings.

German Buckeye's picture

But ESPN only has us at #6, isn't this the only ranking that matters?

bucknasty13's picture

9 of the top 75... not too shabby

FROMTHE18's picture

lols, casual Buckeyes doing buckeye things.

avail31678's picture

So what's our team ranking now on 247?

bucknasty13's picture

See previous comments.

avail31678's picture

LOL - yep, clear as day!
Thanks :)

avail31678's picture

Ooh, and Thomas Holley is at #18...if he were to flip and follow Larry Johnson....

otrain2416's picture

Glad we finished well on here 247 is the most reputable recruiting site IMO. Urban knows how to real them in. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

UrbanDreamz's picture

Love that 6 of our top 7 expected to play on the defensive side of the ball.  Help is on the way!

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GoBucksToledo's picture

9 of the top 100, not too shabby!
EDIT: Oops, sorry Bucknasty, didn't see your earlier post!

TBDBITL0509's picture

Considering that ESPN has OSU with 11 of the top 300, I think this point bears repeating. 

CowCat's picture

How do TTUN and Sparty compare?

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PittBuckeye's picture

Crazy how different these ratings are from one site to another. Is it just me, or are the different sites further apart than most years?

bafiesta's picture

There should be a way to grade the rankings 4-5 years later...compare the rankings to a combo of NFL draft standings & All American list.  

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Triv's picture

Early in the year there was a thread in the forums about bold recruiting predictions, I predicted OSU would land 7 of the top 50. Currently at 6 of the top 51, not too shabby

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

danbrown7665's picture

Samuel lost his 5th star...

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Poison nuts's picture

Yeah - WTF?

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FROMTHE18's picture

I think Campbell is a bit underrated. 

bleedscarlet's picture

Man, what a class... Hubbard will be an ace at the Viper by his second year, he's perfect for it. Even for all the recruiting success Meyer's had over the years, he has to be impressed with what he and his staff have brought in the past couple of years. I know I am... LBs look to be ridiculous...

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