LSU and Iowa Players Ate 5,000 Pounds of Food at the Outback Bowl Banquet

By DJ Byrnes on December 27, 2013 at 10:04a

The above is an image of the "box score" of the Outback bowl welcoming dinner.

Forty gallons of Diablo sauce and 1,650 pounds of meat? Pray for Tampa Bay's sewers.

The Outback Bowl kicks off at 1:00 on New Year's Day. If LSU wins, America wins free bloomin' onions at Outback Steakhouse. Sorry, Hawkeyes, it's just business. (It's also probably the most B1G thing ever to put bloomin' onions ahead of conference pride, but such is life.)

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MAJOR food coma!

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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Mega food coma, but I'm trying to figure out how this is possible.  Conservative estimate of 150 players / coaches / assistants on each team = ~300 people eating.  5000 lbs of food would mean each person ate close to 17 lbs of food?  Ya right.  Either there were way more people there eating than this article portrays, or a lot of food got wasted. 

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

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It's all part of Iowa's plan to eliminate LSU's speed advantage. 

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If they wanted to do that, they would've sent 10 trucks of corndogs to the LSU team hotel

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I know we need the B1G to do well and all for the conference perception but free bloomin onions is free bloomin onions!

Football is complicated...

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Meat sweats commence.

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Somewhere, Brady Hoke is jealous.

Michigan sucks.

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Somewhere, Brady Hoke is jealous. not impressed.

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I guess this means Brady Hoke is not a hippo.
Hungry, hungry!

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Shocked that five comments came and went before Brady Hoke was mentioned.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Brady is thinking "what did the other team eat?"

ONE Not Done!

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and here I was thinking I could drop some witty Hoke-bashing after 19 comments...

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Sounds to me BRADY HOKE was present, if not the numbers would not add-up !  hmm something fishy here !  

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 If LSU wins, America wins free bloomin' onions at Outback Steakhouse

I...I...just don't have words to describe how incredibly bogus this shit is.

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Victory or defeat, everyone gets free eats Jan. 2nd. If LSU takes home the Outback Bowl trophy, Outback will give away free Bloomin' Onions nationwide. If Iowa prevails, it will be free Coconut Shrimp for all. Just say "Outback Bowl" to your server on Jan. 2 to score the free app.

You still get free food if Iowa prevails, just not a Bloomin' Onion

ONE Not Done!

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Lol...ok, my BS meter was 'bout to spin off the dial.

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I read this entire thread in Aussie. Does that make me weird? 


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I find it hard to believe they could eat that much.  Either there were more people there (player families?) to eat all that or someone was grossly overbilled/fleeced.

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Add coaches w/ wives, staff, trainers, I'd be curious the attendance.  But that is mega amounts of food short of a royal wedding.
Iowa will win because the bloomin' onion is good, but I'd rather eat the shrimp. 

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This had to represent WAY more than the team. If they had 100 players from each team that's 25lbs of food each. #notpossiblewithouthokepresent

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Pain of Regret

Take Your Pick

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2,400 lbs of meat, not 1,650:

750 lbs of sirloin steak..., 750 lbs of chicken, and 900 lbs of ribs

Bowl teams are allowed to bring 125 total players, coaches, staff etc. If every one of those individuals brought a guest that would be a total of 500 people. That's 10 lbs of food per person.
I have a feeling an obscene amount of food was left over (wasted).

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As do I.  Outback can do what they want to with their inventory, but I hope that whatever was left unconsumed was donated to a pantry or shelter. 

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and people thought preparing Thanksgiving dinner was difficult..

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Correction  CHICKEN sir is poultry no matter how ya cook it...... SO it does not apply ; )

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Probs about the only impressive thing we can expect from Iowa involved with this bowl game.

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I'm sure Hoke could knock that out on his own. Get the man his "fat pants" and he is good to go.

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Damn. That could've fed a thousand starving children in Africa!!!! I am sure just about half of that got put in Garbage bags afterward.What a waste ..


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another correction   a THOUSAND STARVING KIDS IN AMERICA !

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After reading over the Outback Bowl food stats, Brady Hoke says to himself "I've made a huge mistake" as he polishes off another skimpy BW-3 wing while sweating profusely in his Tempe, Arizona hotel room.

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Hoke does eat the bone though, so it sticks to the ribs a little more than the normal wing

Yeti's have feelings too.

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Just re-read this.
The men's bathrooms at Busch Gardens must've been crushed the following day.

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Brady and his two assistant coaches (chubby and tubby) will best the LSU-Iowa record by themselves


The atmosphere in College Park will be crazy because at lease 40 % on the stadium will be Buckeye fans. Go Bucks

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I hate Michigan and don't think much of Hoke as a coach, but I for one am tired of the fat jokes. If you go to your 20 or 25-year high school reunions and are blessed to still be in great shape then good for you.  Been to mine and I was one of the most fit people there despite being 25 lbs up from my age-21 weight. Mocking someone else's physical appearance is never cool.
And this is in response to no one in particular; just a general statement after reading the entire thread.

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ANOTHER CORRECTION:   Unless it is Brady HOKE !

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OKay, think that about covers it !

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