Basketball Preview: Notre Dame vs. No. 3 Ohio State

By Kyle Rowland on December 21, 2013 at 9:15a
Just terrible...
Ohio State Buckeyes #3 Ohio State 11-0, 0-0 Big Ten Roster | Schedule 7:30 PM ET - ESPN 2 —— Madison Square Garden New York, NY[TICKETS] Notre Dame Fighting Irish Notre Dame 8-3, 0-0 ACC Roster | Schedule

The rankings show Ohio State is undefeated and No. 2 and 3 in the country. They also say the Buckeyes have played a weak schedule. Even head coach Thad Matta said he doesn’t know how good his team is.

“I’ve asked myself that question about a hundred times a day. That’s one of the hardest parts of coaching because there are so many ups and downs throughout the season,” Matta said. “A lot of times you need to hit both and see the response. Do you embrace success or wilt under pressure when things aren't going well?”

The eye test says Ohio State is one of the top teams in the country. It’s elite defensively and more than adequate on offense. Every win has come by double digits and 30-point victories aren’t a rarity.

A true test will come inside historic Madison Square Garden. Notre Dame is 8-3, but the Fighting Irish should compete for an NCAA Tournament berth. The Buckeyes stiffest tests so far have been Marquette and Maryland. The defensive outing at Marquette is perhaps the finest in the country this season – and still could be come April.

Ohio State limited the Golden Eagles to 35 points and shooting percentages that were beyond belief. It also ended a 27-game home win streak, then the second longest in the nation. Like any good team, corporation or business, teamwork and leaders positioned at the beginning of the food chain is what makes the Buckeyes go and go so efficiently.

“We have great leadership at the top – two seniors, five juniors that have been in this program for a while,” junior forward Sam Thompson said. “We've been to the top and we’ve had some bad losses. I think we’re conditioned to handle adversity well.”

4 A. Craft SR 6-2/195 10.0 3.2 4.8 G 0 E. Atkins SR 6-2/182 11.9 3.5 4.6
3 S. Scott JR 6-1/185 7.8 4.3 3.7 G 22 J. Grant SR 6-5/203 19.1 2.5 6.4
32 L. Smith Jr. SR 6-4/210 13.5 5.3 1.6 G 23 D. Jackson FR 6-1/195 7.8 2.8 2.1
10 L. Ross JR 6-8/220 12.5 4.9 0.5 F 24 P. Connaughton JR 6-5/214 13.9 7.3 2.6
23 A. Williams JR 6-11/250 10.1 7.7 0.3 C 11 G. Sherman SR 6-11/255 14.3 7.5 0.8

Opponent Breakdown

It’s been a head-scratching season thus far for Mike Brey and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. They beat Indiana last weekend, but suffered losses to Indiana State and North Dakota State in the weeks prior. Year 1 in the ACC could be long and torturous if consistency isn’t found.

Saturday night in New York City offers the Irish an opportunity to secure another signature win and gather some momentum before the conference schedule begins with a highly anticipated game with Duke in South Bend.

“We’re not focused on that right now. We have a lot of things to worry about,” said senior center Garrick Sherman, a Kenton graduate and transfer from Michigan State. “We just have to play, get our heads clear and play as hard as we can. We just have to be ready. We’ve got a big game. It’s a good opportunity.”

It’s the second such chance Notre Dame’s received in as many games. Last Saturday, the Irish beat the Hoosiers in front of a crimson-and-cream-clad Bankers Life Fieldhouse. After struggles at both ends of the floor, Notre Dame put together a complete game. It limited Indiana’s transition attack and forced them to shoot jump shots, which resulted in a field-goal percentage that barely crept over 40 percent.

In all three losses this season, the Irish have allowed opponents to get too comfortable and dictate every facet of the game.

“You’re always playing catch-up and that’s not something you want to do ever,” junior guard Pat Connaughton said. “It comes down to that mental focus to start the game.”

Buckeye Breakdown

Ohio  State basketball isn’t just about the Aaron Crafts, Lenzelle Smiths and LaQuinton Rosses. Jake Lorbach also gets his moment in the sun. Last week, the junior walk-on scored a career-high six points against Bryant. That’s heady stuff for someone who’s played 10 minutes the past two seasons.

In his spare time, Lorbach enjoys photobombing.Jake Lorbach is the new walk-on star.

Most of Lorbach’s work, though, is done on the practice court. The former high school volleyball star prepares his teammates each week for the upcoming opponents.

“Jake’s done a tremendous job for us,” Matta said.

Before last week’s scoring onslaught, Lorbach was mostly known for running onto the court prematurely after Craft’s last-second three-pointer against Iowa State. But he put a new image in fans minds after completing an ugly breakaway dunk versus Bryant. It sent Value City Arena into a frenzy.

“When I was sitting on the bench , my knees were feeling kind of tired from that week of practice,” Lorbach said. “So I think once I got the ball on the breakaway, it was just like a lot of adrenaline and then me thinking about my knees and whether or not I was going to get high enough. It was a split second. Fortunately I was able to get up high enough and put it down.”

Lorbach said his stature has grown on campus since the outing and his Twitter followers have swelled. He’s fine with the sudden attention on campus. It’s something he’s always received from coaches and players.

Matta said Lorbach provides the team with whatever it needs in practice. He’ll guard various people and give them several different looks at each end of the floor. 


  • Ohio State is 7-4 all-time against Notre Dame.
  • Thad Matta is 131-23 in non-conference games at Ohio State.
  • OSU ranks in the top five nationally in: three-point field-goal percentage defense, scoring defense, fewest fouls, scoring margin and field goal percentage defense.

“For Jake, wanting to be a part of this basketball team and knowing that his role was never going to be significant by any stretch for the team, but we’re going to require him to be a great teammate and have a great attitude every single day –  he’s definitely exceeding our expectations,” Matta  said. “He’s here every second that they’re here and not getting to do the majority of the things they are, so when something happens, I think they’re excited for him.”

Attention for walk-ons is nothing new at Ohio State. Mark Titus is perhaps the most well-known non-scholarship player in NCAA history aside from Rudy. Titus gained a cult following due to his popular Club Trillion blog. He followed that up by writing a humorous book about his playing career.

According to Lorbach, Matta advised him not to be another Titus. But the head coach laughed off those accusations.

“I love Mark,” Matta said. “Still do.”


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chirobuck's picture

Good lord how bad is Indiana this about a drop off


^ best post ever ^

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Have a chance to make a nice statement in MSG tonight. Need to capitalize!

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where are the pre game shenanigans at?
should be fun seeing a majority red crowd in the garden tonight

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Transitive property schmansitive property. The Lamers got rolled by NDSU and will get rolled by The Buckeyes.

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I think OSU wins this one comfortably.  NDSU is probably a better team than Notre Dame and they took it to them at their place.  OSU handled NDSU very well, when they played well against us.  Indiana is garbage and that ND-IU game was just ugly.  
I like the write up on Lorbach.  It's always nice to see a walk on get some minutes and throw one down.  If only he'd have made 1 of those FTs vs North Florida when we were sitting on 99... :)  I can only imagine how big of a thrill it has to be for a kid from Ohio to walk on at OSU, get some minutes here and there - then have the burst he did.  Was great to see!

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Ohio State: 67
Notre Dame: 54

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Big thumbs up for the FreakBass photo. I'll have to go back and watch that embarrassment.

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The bucks are a very good team, but after the Delaware game I'm a little nervous.  The husband of one of my cousin's is a huge ND fan and hoping I can call him this weekend and do a little good-natured gloating.  On the Big Ten Channel the analysts there picked the buckeyes to finish third in the B1G, hope Thad and crew prove them wrong and win the league.  With a consistent offensive effort, these guys could be something special.  Basketball is too crazy to get concerned about rankings this soon though, just enjoy every game and root for your team I guess.

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Bootsy Collins should have this guy beaten up every time this video is played.

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It would be really great if Coach Matta rewards Lorbach with a sholly in the future (for one semester at least) if we are one under the limit at sometime in the future. It has happened before and it sounds like he is earning it.

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Can't wait for the game tonight! Doors open at 7 pm and I will be there with mini-me to cheer on the Bucks! First time I've gotten to see them live in a couple years and I'm really looking forward to it!

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Happy 21st birthday Shannon Scott!!!


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Going there tonight with my brother and dad!!

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Ill be there; looking forward to seeing the Bucks live for the first time in a while!

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OT: Toledo improved to 11-0 today after a big day from former Buckeye J.D. Weatherspoon (18pts., 8rbs. and 3blks.)


jaybuckeye16's picture says the game is on espn3 but it says Espn2  here. Which is it?! Lol


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My dvr says espn 2

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Have you guys seen this video? LMFAO. Are they serious?
Edit: I didn't realize you could click on the photo for the link. Still...embarrassing.

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Just got to msg: lots of buckeye fans in the lobby!
nd has a big following in nyc so a nice Osu showing would be awesome!