Denard Robinson Was Denied His First Career NFL Touchdown in Unique Fashion

By Vico on December 15, 2013 at 5:32p

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The 0 is silent.

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You just won this thread! I love that commercial.

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I see Nard still has his Whoopie Goldberg thing going on.

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Carrying the ball low and loose leads to:
A. Touchdown
B. Fumble
I guess we have our answer.

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I was gonna go with "they shot themselves inthe foot with their offensive weapon" or something to that effect.

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Did you know he doesn't tie his shoelaces? I just heard that today. Thank God for those announcers.

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He still doesn't tie them?  Between that and his Spaceballs sized helmet he just wreaks of style before substance.

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Chad Henne and Denard Robinson getting playing time in the NFL, and Troy Smith is stuck in Montreal. Nothing makes sense anymore.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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Denard is the real weapon equivalent of a daisy BB gun.

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You'll shoot your eye out

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We have a winner.


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The song remains the same.

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I had a dream, oohhhh yeah, craaaaazy dream.

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Guess they got smart and decided to stop listing his position as "Offensive Weapon"

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Was expecting an arm punt.

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I saw that play, and immediately thought 11W would post a Buckshot about it.  You guys don't disappoint.

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Right at the point Robinson got the ball knocked out of his hand Braxton would have somersaulted in for the score.

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He was already thinking of doing that irritating spoon thing and that's why he fumbled. At least, I hope that is why.

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This one will never get old.

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All joking side, what a hell of a play by 23.

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He should stick to throwing out the first pitch at Tigers games.

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That is one wicked curveball.

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17 ATT 27 yards and 2 fumbles. That's a hell of a career so far to be classified by the team as an 'offensive weapon.'

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They mean "offensive to Jag fans." Or football fans in general. Or to anyone who appreciates excellence.

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You cannot polish a turd.

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Lololololol. Good play by Aaron Williams though.


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We can't feel too bad for him, he DID go to TTUN