Amir Williams: Coach Matta, he's been on my di...

By Jason Priestas on December 12, 2013 at 12:37a

Following Ohio State's 86-48 drubbing of Bryant, Ohio State center Amir Williams, who had 12 points, nine boards and six blocks in the outing, was asked what's causing his solid play of late.

“Coach Matta, he's been on my di—on my uhh, back every day in practice.”

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This will join Marcus Hall's legendary exit against TSUN and Cardale Jones's tweet from last year in Awesome Things That We Will Get Ridiculed For Even Though They're Awesome.
And yes, I meant to include Cardale's tweet. It was hilarious, and I think (perhaps wishful thinking) that he was being sarcastic when he sent it.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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I really wish people would stop praising Marcus Hall's childish actions. It's just absolutely the wrong message to be sending kids.

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I have two kids, 8 and 10.  So trust me when I say, shutup about the kids.  These are grown men.  Playing a man's game.

Dan Isaacs

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I think his point was about the message the players are sending to actual kids.   

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Kids need to know the #1 rule:
Fuck m*ch*gan.


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Yes, because your Muck Fichigan shirt is sending your kid a different message? Hall's actions and the people that get a kick out of it are the least of the problem. Take 10 seconds to talk to your kids about what you think is inappropriate. Don't put it on us.

Go Bucks!! 

"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam!"

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When everyone idolizes people for acting in a manner which is, inarguably, immature it sends a bad message to the middle school and high school kids that want to play at this level. It's a culture issue and it cultivates a culture that acts poorly. It looks bad on the institution and us fans in general that we take so much pride in actions that are immature and inappropriate. I'm not putting anything on you, but I'd wish all fans would hold themselves and their institution to a little higher standard then praising sideline temper tantrums.

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Yeti's have feelings too.

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He caught himself at the absolute last millisecond... Nice job Amir, we all notice you are getting better at catching things. #stonehandsbegone

What is this? A center for ants?!? How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read if they can't even fit inside the building?

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Amir just moved up a spot in the Buckeye pantheon. Well said, young man.

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The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I thought for sure this was going to be a tweet by Amir after Thad gave him props for his recent play.  I'm sooooooooooooooooooo glad I was wrong.

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There will be a lot of girls in Columbus who will be on Amir's di... back if he continues playing like this.


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That is a really strange expression if that's what he really meant to say.  I teach middle school and hear all sorts of colorful language, but haven't heard that one yet.

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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Wow that saying has been around for years!!! U never heard that?? We used to say that back when I was in middle school lol.

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LOL--some times ignorance is bliss.  But it's important to know what they are doing so I don't act surprised when they do it.  I take this important information to use it for good--somehow.

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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Daaaayum he played that off smooth. If he could make a layup that smooth lookout! 


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This is unacceptable. Urban Meyer needs to suspend him for 15 games or he is going on a murder spree.

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Agreed, and somebody should ask the Gameday crew what type of penalties he should receive..? And finally, what would Desmond Howard's dad do in a situation like this..?

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I know there are people that will have a problem with this, and those are the type of people that probably resemble Paul Finebaum.


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That is so funny.  You know this is what the guys say to each other all of the time, but it almost slipped on semi national television.  Truly funny.  Nice catch Amir.  JJ didn't even flinch.

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there's a significant and important difference between being on someone's di-- and being on their ass. 

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Yeah I'm pretty sure the latter is actually what he meant to say, otherwise it doesn't really make sense, unless he does such a good job in practice that invites Matta's praise.

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STEENSN does not approve of this Buckshot or any of the off color posts associated with it.

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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my GF, looking up from making Christmas ornaments......did he say di_k? For realsees?

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You associate yourself with someone that says "for realsees"?

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"Amir, describe how your opponents would describe your dictation of authority around the rim?"
-James Jackson
I love Middle School!

Thank the Maker that I was born in Ohio, cradle of coaches, US Presidents, confederate-stomping Generals, and home of The Ohio State University Football Buckeyes- 2014 UNDISPUTED National Champions!

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To me it seemed as if he probably had his teammate's voices in his head screaming at him "did you really just almost say 'on your d***' on national TV?" for the rest of the interview.

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He keeps playing like he is, 10/7 with 2.7 bpg, and he can slip in his interviews all he wants.
Seriously, I know this team hasn't been playing bigtime teams but Marquette had some big boys he had to battle and still did pretty well. Had 5 blocks in 19 minutes. Mostly, he is staying on the floor and contributing which he wasn't able to in the past with his foul issues and bobbled ball handling. He is much better now, so these types of slip ups can happen imo.

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Once I sent an email to our group, which included the director, and reported that the server support group had come in and "replaced the disk pack".  Unfortunately I typed  a "C" instead of an "S".  You can imagine the amused responses I got on that one.

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Nice catch. 

Class of 2010.