Rice is Way Too Excited to be Going to Memphis in December

By DJ Byrnes on December 10, 2013 at 9:33a

This video offers a couple things: 1) an insight into some of the yeoman's work that goes into being a bowl rep. 2) Just how jacked up some of these kids are to be going bowling in the first place. 

Still pretty cool to see.

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For many of these kids; it may be the only time they get to participate in a bowl game.  I know as a college kid I would be jacked up to being playing a team out of conference and going out of state to do it.  I am glad to see kids from schools who do not get to go to a bowl game year in and year out really get excited about it.

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Short, old dude in a nice suit and glasses. Yep, he pretty much epitomizes a bowl rep.

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Good for them! Scenes like this ALMOST make me not hate the quantity of bowl games. 

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Not to take anything away from Rice or their program, but this helps put Saturday's loss a little more in perspective for this Buckeye fan.

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Class of 2008

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Did not realize Terry Bowden was also a Liberty Bowl rep.

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I remember the Buckeyes first Liberty Bowl...




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The Liberty Bowl must be giving out some serious swag.

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This is fantastic, very fun to watch.  Thanks for the post. 

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Wow, and I am upset that TOSU is playing in the Orange Bowl.

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This is why I love college football. God bless 'em.