Grant Reed, the Kid that Named His Cancer 'Michigan,' Meets Brady Hoke Before The Game

December 1, 2013 at 10:07a    by Jason Priestas    

Remember Grant Reed? He's the incredible 12-year old kid who overcame a cancerous brain tumor, one he dubbed "Michigan", earning some attention from up north.  

Honored by the Buckeyes as he directed TBDBITL during the Skull Session before the Penn State game, Grant was also offered four tickets to The Game, courtesy of by Coach Hoke

Yesterday, Hoke made good on his promise as the Reed family enjoyed the game via Hoke's tickets and hotel picked up by The Rotary Club of Jackson, Michigan. 

Very cool, Brady. Good on you, sir. 

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. . . ahhhhhh--this is really hard. Good job, Coach Hoke.

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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Take a deep breath - swallow hard......... and just admit it !  Aint no Hokey Pokey here....... good job coach........ 

Upon this Rock, I build my house....and Let no man put asunder

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I didn't think too highly of Hoke the past few seasons. Thought he was overrated, and the whole "Michigan Man" mantra was too gimmicky of a recruiting pitch. But, seeing him come out with a legitimate game plan that seriously gave his team a chance to ruin our perfect season, and the balls to go for 2, made me respect the hell out of him. The things he has done for this kid and his family of buckeye fans just makes it that much better in my opinion. I hope he's around for years to come.
Coach Hoke:

+1 HS
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I don't hate him.  He's a good coach and guy...but I hate his team, school, fanbase, Des*ond Howard, the banner, that hole in the earth stadium, the stupid fight song, their garish colors, Des*ond Howard, and...I'm sure I'll think of more in a while.   

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You forgot Des*ond Howard. I hate that smug SOB. 

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Roll Hyde

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Very cool, Hoke must have kids which trumps everything in this regard. He gets that.

vacuuming sucks

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This, as well as the cancer survivor they had run a lap with a football at halftime are just a couple of examples of how this rivalry affects more than just diehard fans.  I'm glad I had sunglasses on, because it was pretty dusty in the stadium at halftime.

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Everybody won here, great story.

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Uggh...just when I thought I couldn't possibly hate this pinata any more than I already do he goes and uses his powers for the good of his enemies...well played, Hoke, well played...ach ach (clutching chest) somebody call 911!!!

"Ethics and morals are what a man does when noone is watching."  --My Father

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This is why I have a hard time hatin' on this guy. RichRod, he is not.



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Coach Hoke (this is a title he deserves for sure now) just earned a lot of respect from me. Now, I know what this man is all about. Very, very cool. I'm very much into the rivalry and I hate it when my Buckeyes don't get the job done against TSUN, but it's just a game, even if it is The Game. This is the truly important stuff.
Kudos, Coach Hoke.

"The minute I think I'm getting mellow, I'm retiring. Who ever heard of a mellow winner?" - WWH

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Very impressive. I promise not to make any Fred Flintstone or other food-related jokes about Coach least until next season.
At the risk of a lot of down votes, I want them to win their Bowl game this year. Not just because of this, but this certainly makes it easier to root for them.

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Now let's not make hasty promises, Nash.  Yabbadabbadon't promise something I can't live up to!  They do really need to win their bowl game this year, as do ALL the Big Ten teams. 

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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Very classy move Coach Hoke!  What an excellent example to set for this kid and really so many people, that while you can root against a team in sports, there are some things that are just bigger in life.  Well done Coach!

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Damnit! I don't want to...I can't... Ughhh. Class act Coach Hoke, making people proud everywhere,even in Ohio, with your generosity and caring. I love when sport can bring out the best in humanity. 
and Grant, O-H! You're the winner and inspiration for kids everywhere!! God bless son! 


RedsBuckeyeBoy's picture desire to make fat jokes about the guy is...fading? DAMMIT! 

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Way to go coach.

Go Bucks


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class act.  great story, much respect.

pat cozzens

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You hate the man because he coaches for M!ch!g@n, but you can't have anything but respect for someone when they do that.

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Yes.  Very classy Coach. 


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Much like the Anchorman meme above says, I may straight up hate that man, but damn is it hard not to respect the hell out of him.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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Very well done Coach Hoke... These are the acts and gestures that can literally change lives for the better.  You have my respect and gratitude for being a good human on this day!

The Dude abides...