TIL: Baylor Hasn't Won in Stillwater Since 1939

November 19, 2013 at 11:39a    by DJ Byrnes    
Let's go POKIES!!!

Thanks to a /R/CFB thread, we have received another burst of constitution regarding this weekend's Baylor-Okie State tilt in Stillwater. (If Baylor wins, it's believed they'll hop our beloved Buckeyes in the mystical BCS rankings.) 

The Bears, however, will be battling some history: Baylor hasn't won in Stillwater since defeating the Cowboys 13-0 in 1939. Let's hope recent history repeats itself this weekend.


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Just about every time I hear or read about a team not doing something in a long time, they do it.

If Baylor wins, it's your fault 11w. :(

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then let's hope OSU never schedules Oberlin!


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Go Cowboys!!
15th ranked scoring D (FWIW we are 14th)

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Are you meaning to tell me someone in the Big XII plays defense?

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It doesn't matter if Alabama/FSU stay unbeaten.

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But it matters if they don't.

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deleted. bad joke.

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Everything matters...  If Baylor wins, we worry about 3 teams.  I'd rather only worry about two...!!  (and that doesn't include the teams we still have to worry about actually playing!!)

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May want to check your math.  Only need to be in the top 2 to get to the BCSNCG.

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Not sure if you're referring to my comment, above, but my math is fine.  We would still have to worry about one of the TWO teams ahead of us losing a game. 

"When I look in the mirror, I want to take a swing at me."
Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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No, we wouldn't  In your example of Baylor losing, we will be 3rd behind Bama and FSU.  We just need ONE of those to lose to get to the Title Game.
EDIT - we're saying the same thing.  I'm saying we just need ONE team to lose.  You're worrying about both teams.

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Yes, we are... they're both ahead of us, so yes, I'm worried about both of them!!

"When I look in the mirror, I want to take a swing at me."
Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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Why? We just need to move up one spot (from 3 to 2, and assuming Baylor loses) to play for a title.

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You were right last time and I agreed with you.  It's semantics.  Nothing more.  Maybe I need to change my wording...One of the TWO teams, the TWO that are ahead of us, need to lose...I putting eggs in BOTH baskets.  Not one or the other....BOTH... That's all...

"When I look in the mirror, I want to take a swing at me."
Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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It seems like every time there is a team that depends on a high-scoring offense there is at least one game a year when they can't execute.  They usually lose that game.  Let's hope this is the one for Baylor.

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Honestly, we better hope that Oklahoma State has progressively improved during the season, because their total body-of-work "on paper" isn't especially encouraging.
As we know, this is a down year for the B12, so several of OSU's opponents have uncharacteristically so-so or even poor offenses this year - WVU, K State, TCU (terrible). They also played UTSA, an FCS school, always awful Kansas. So, although OSU's raw defensive rankings look pretty good - #10 in pass efficiency defense, #14 in scoring defense, #27 in rush defense, #40 in total defense - those numbers could be misleading. In other words, they might play like paper mache against Baylor.
On the bright side, Oklahoma State's defense has shown signs of life lately. They gave up 549 yards to Texas Tech, but they were well ahead most of that game, cruising. This past week, they held a good Texas offense to 5.5 yds per pass and 3.5 yds per rush; 389 total yards, but on 86 offensive plays - not bad at all.
Still, if OSU's defense is not much better now than it was, say, a month ago, they probably get smoked - hence Baylor being a whopping 9.5 pt favorites! (Keep in mind, though, that Baylor is one of those teams that Joe Six Pack loves to bet when vacationing in Vegas, so the "price" on Baylor is somewhat inflated, a problem which is rarer than most fans realize).

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Give me Baylor to cover.  Heck, I'd take Baylor (-14).

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I think the Pokes finally end the talk about Baylor jumping tOSU.

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Baylor: the Indiana of the Big Twelve.

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That would imply that Indiana has anything resembling a defense.

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With the slim differential between TOSU and Baylor if, hypothetically, Baylor wins ugly and TOSU wins ugly (say 55-14) does Baylor still jump us???  Anything is possible with the idiots calling the shots.  Thoughts anyone...?

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Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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Ok State is going to boost Baylor's SOS way more than Indiana.  So, yes.

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The sad part is that Oklahoma State isn't very good, so Baylor will probably win. This normally wouldn't be a problem, but with Ok St. being "over-ranked" at 10, Baylor looks like they beat a quality opponent. The reality is this Ok. St. team would lose to the top 3, maybe 4, B1G teams, yet all of them except OSU are ranked lower. Sigh.

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Positives - they were pretty much in control against Texas Tech and had a similar close win against KSU the same way Baylor did.
Unfortunately, I think it will take a ball-controlling offense and stout defense (like a Stanford) to beat Baylor.

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Baylor will lose.  OSU will "survive" a 50 point win.  And the conversation over at ESPN will be which one-loss team has the best chance of passing the Buckeyes.  Oregon, Auburn, or Mizzou?

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Heck BTN isn't much better

I responded and he responded back

So I may write a blog on why Alabama started #1 and tOSU #2 and should have stayed that way, FSU and Baylor should have to wait for one of those 2 to lose, not for OSU. Alabama started #1 because they won NC last year, OSU was #2 based on undefeated season, nothing changed except OSU was dropped, Alabama plays crappy and they don't drop

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I don't expect Oklahoma State to win this game. I think their defense will falter and they won't be able to keep up on offense.
But I'll root hard for Ok State. They are my only hope for a Baylor loss, really.

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Baylor will lose to Okie St AND Texas.

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Come on, weird OSU!

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That would be Bizzaro world OSU!

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Sort of looks like Mike Gundy . . .

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Speaking of Oklahoma State - how about that big scandal? 

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I heard they have women at their school that target football players for sexual relations.