The Medals from the Inaugural Ohio State Four-Miler are Pretty Fantastic

By Jason Priestas on November 10, 2013 at 4:29p

The inaugural Ohio State Four-Miler, a four-mile run/walk held today on campus to benefit the Urban and Shelley Meyer Fund for Cancer Research, featured the most amazing race medal you're likely to ever see.

10,000 participants finished the event at the 50-yard line of Ohio Stadium and received a medal representing the Horseshoe with helmet-striped ribbon.

Charity? Check. Badass race medal? Check. Win-win.

Source: @BuckeyeEmpire

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I now have the perfect reason to get my butt in gear to run this thing next year.

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Thinking the exact same thing.

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Getting a high five from Bobby Carpenter heading into the finish line (on the 50yd line) was even better. (Carpenter is still huge.)

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I ran in the race today. The wind was a bit cold, and I'm a bit out of shape, but those medals made everything worth it.
In addition to the sweet medals, we actually finished the race on the 50 yard line in Ohio Stadium.
Fun race!

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Upvote for participation!


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damn, how come the medals for running 4 miles are like a million times cooler than the medals for running 26.2? lol

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It was cold, but being on the field in the stadium was a great experience. Walked it in an hour, I placed 8303 of 10,000 runner/walkers. LOL! The winner ran it in under 20 minutes!  Medal is awesome.  Hope to do it again next year!!!!

Go Buckeyes

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This was a blast. I am so glad I did it! High Five'd Bobby Carpenter and finished on the 50yard line, Awesome!

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It was a great event!
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"2014 National with it!!!"

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That might even be better than my 100 mile buckle. Seriously.

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Some folks came into my work tonight who had just finished the run and I got extremely jealous of the medal.  They're spectacular.

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It was also pretty cool to see the former Buckeyes run with the crowd. Scoonie Penn, JJ Sullinger, Raymond Harris, and Justin Zwick all ran, and Bobby Carpenter and Anthony Schlegel were there to fire people up. I'm not a big runner, but will participate in this event every year. Great adrenaline rush at the end as you run into the stadium!

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Looks like I'll be driving 100 miles to run 4 miles next year.

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Must be a Maxwell Medal! Totally awesome! It's all about the bling!