Michigan, UCLA Slate a Home-And-Home for 2022 and '23

By DJ Byrnes on October 17, 2013 at 11:29a
This will never get old.


ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- The Big Ten and Pac-12 have a long established history that isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

On Thursday, Michigan announced a home-and-home series with UCLA for the 2022 and 2023 seasons. The Bruins will play in Ann Arbor on Sept. 10, 2022 and the Wolverines will play in Pasadena on Sept. 2, 2023.

It will be the first home-and-home series with the PAC-12 since the Michigan-Oregon series (2003, 2007) and Washington (2000, 2001). 

This may be the closest Michigan gets to playing in the Rose Bowl game until then, which probably is why Michigan had little interest into diming their program out to a neutral site game. (And yes, this may have been posted asa thinly- veiled excuse to post the picture of the Michigan Man getting maced, which will still be hilarious in 2022.)


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BTwrestle04's picture

I think that this is some of the problem with scheduling out of conference opponents and then determining that a certain team played a weak out of conference schedule. This game is scheduled 9-10 years in advance. Who's to say that UCLA will be good then, or Michigan for that matter? Would you be happy (if your goal was to schedule a tough team to boost your SoS) if you had scheduled Texas, for instance, and happened to get them between the years of 2010 (5-7 record), 2011 (8-5 record), or 2012 (9-4 record)? 

703Buckeye's picture

It can really be a crapshoot when scheduling OOC games this far in advance. It looked really good for our SOS when we had Texas and SC on the schedule but not so much for Cal, Washington, and Miami.

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-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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Exactly right - and look at Miami as an example... If we played them this year, it would be viewed as a major game against a ranked opponent from a "strong" conference. The years we beat them handily? Not so much.

BTwrestle04's picture

Year. Not plural. Remember Bauserbomb screwed that second matchup?

AndyVance's picture

Oh yeah... repressed memories?

Chief B1G Dump's picture

Who is to say that there will even be a B1G and a Pac12 ten years from now?
But anyhow, this matchup should be billed as the Smug Bowl.

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Good for them. No one should have to wait 20+ years to play in the Rose Bowl.


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Maybe if they're lucky, they'll actually win in it this time!

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I really hope that anytime something even tangentially related to UM is posted this is the picture that accompanies it.

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ChazBuckeye's picture

That pic will never get old.  I've sent it to everyone I know, including TTUN fans.  It's priceless...

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I vote for using that picture for every TTUN article forever!!!!

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

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There have been a lot of erroneous reports that the man in the photo was being arrested.  He actually begged for this so that he would not see any more Al Borges play calling.  This may become a fad in Ann Arbor.


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Credit to both for this home and home.  Both should be good.  Respectable at the very worst.
There are only a handful of teams that are always near the top and they often are not willing partners.
Would love to see Ohio State - USC drop some home and homes into their future. 
Its a shame that Big Ten - Pac 12 challenge idea did not take hold.
As soon as Reconstruction is over the SEC teams can start traveling north for games. Can't wait for that.