The WSU Cougar Flag Will Ride in Seattle After All

By DJ Byrnes on October 8, 2013 at 7:58a
The Cougar Flag

Washington State Cougar fans, due to a medieval law binding at least one of them to any sporting event happening in the world, have had a well known ritual of taking their flag to ESPN College GameDay — no matter where it may be in the country. (The process of getting it there can be seen here.)

This week, GameDay is heading to Seattle for the Oregon-Washington banger, and the dark sorcerers behind the Cougar flag have every intention of planting it in Seattle. 

The Dawg Pack, Washington's student section, tweeted out they wouldn't allow it. College GameDay, however, tweeted it would be protected. In response, the Dawg Pack tweeted this, which of course has since been deleted:


One must be rather petty to continue a feud with lowly Washington State and their popcorn guzzling fan.


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This is why college sports are the best. Absolute disdain between rivals for something that in reality is pretty trivial.

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Washington students have posted their plans for capturing the Cougar flag:

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I want to play capture the flag now...

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Could you imagine if it was a M*ch flag and game day was here and we were playing Sparty?  There would be a fight amongst fan bases to be the first burn/shred/wipe with/destroy that flag...
But mission accomplished by ESPN.  I fill the twinge of curiosity to tune into GameDay this Saturday.

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I recall a GameDay visit to Columbus a while back where Nick Lachay and Desmond stood on in the top row of Ohio Stadium and sang the Michigan fight song.  I was pretty pissed that they did this.  I think even Herbie walked off set prior to the disgrace - probably to keep from getting jumped by the fan base after the show.

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It was the Texas game here. I had front row seats for that and Nick Lachey stood by me for part of the game. Between the heckling from singing for scUM on GameDay and the nearly constant yelling to/at him about doing dirty things to Jessica Simpson (his wife at the time) I do not blame him for leaving early.
Also, I had a few adult beverages but I remember him being about 5'-2" and up to my chest.

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So Lachey and Howard are standing atop C-Deck on the North end zone (closed end of the shoe). They start singing it and anywhere from 20-30 event management, grounds crew, facility ops guys are in a room directly below it (on A-deck). We start watching on ESPN and guys go running out into the stands yelling. He rides the elevator down and walks past the room with 20+ guys yelling some of the most profane and vile things we can think of.  Lachey goes scurrying off with some cops and IS accompanied by security the rest of the day/evening, he came down on the field for a bit, but stayed far away from all of us.
Believe me, to the general public they think the scUM flag was planted that day. It was MOST definitely not.

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I was at Gameday in Columbus for a Purdue game (back when Purdue mattered).  I remember someone in the crowd running around with a Purdue flag.  A group of drunk tOSU fans grabbed the flag from the guy, ripped it apart and threw it on the ground where they all began jumping up and down on it in the mud.   Happily, no fisticuffs ensued.  

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This happened at OSU-UM in 2002 when some goober UM fan came bounding through with his 'M' flag.  A guy and a flag came to Columbus but only the guy left Columbus.

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in 2002, my roommates and I lived at the Party Barn on Lane Ave, and we'd be on the lawn by 7am drinking and taking in the atmosphere....about 2 hours or so later, this guy and girl decked out in scUM gear come walking by talking shit....I was pretty lit already by this point, and I had just poured my 4th 44oz beer, and after quickly weighing the options in my head, I decided to pour all the beer in my mug on this skank's head.  She told her boyfriend to do something, and he looked at me, and I told him to choose wisely as he was in the minority that day and while he may get a free shot in on me, he wouldn't be walking away unscathed.....he tucked tail and walked away  

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Sorry, but Stanford isn't playing Oregon this week! Oregon is playing Washington this week. Hence why it is in Seattle and there is concern for the WSU flag.

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yea, that had me confused. College Gameday in Seattle to cover the Oregon / Stanford game?

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Yup. I'm the worst. Had Washington-Stanford originally, caught that, and changed it to Stanford-Oregon. This is what I get for working at 7:30 in the morning.


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One must be rather petty to continue a feud with lowly Washington State and their popcorn guzzling fan.

Washington State is 4-2 this season, their only losses were barely getting beat at Auburn, and by #5 Stanford. They're not as lowly as they have been in recent years.

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Yeah, plus it's Washington-Washington State. Not saying that it is the most hateful rivalry ever, but it's still a rivalry. 
When Michigan sucks (like always), do we stop feuding with them?

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2006 penn state gameday...a bunch of drunk OSU fans were running around the gameday crowd, ripping the hats off penn state fans' heads, stomping them in mud puddles, then chanting "wear your hat" until they put them back on.  sadly, about three or four penn st fans actually obliged and put the hats back on.  kinda funny at the time but somewhat douchy in hindsight

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