Texas' Mike Davis "Apologizes" for Cheap Shot

By DJ Byrnes on October 4, 2013 at 11:03a
That's evil.

Ah, thanks, "Money Magic Davis Jr." for that clarification. From here, it looked like a complete cheap shot that could have ended a guy's career. Glad we cleared this up in the wake of your one point-escape from Iowa State in which you needed substantial help from the refs in order to pull-off. 

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Wow!  No excuse for that hit!

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What a pile of $h!t.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Bad form, Mr. Davis.  Shame on you.

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You can play to the whistle without doing what you did sir

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That should warrant a suspension right? If a Buckeye did that, I would want him to be held responsible.


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A Buckeye DID do worse than that one time against Wisconsin's Qb, Jim Sorgi! I believe his name was Robert Reynolds and he choked the Qb and the media made way more of it than they are making of this one. Although Reynolds actually injured Sorgi on the play.

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I wanted Reynolds benched permanently for that but partially because BCarp was sitting behind him despite being the better player due to Tressel's love of seniors.

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I did too, but I didn't care who was his would be replacement. He let his emotions get the better of him, and I cannot judge him for that, but you got to own what you do and pay the price for being a dick.
And the same goes for this guy for Texas, what an asswipe.
Mack Brown was like "Sweep the leg." and he was like "What Sensei?" "Sweep the leg...mercy is for the weak"

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I hope for Mack Brown's sake that he didn't see the cheap shot either, otherwise his defense of Mike Davis is nearly as reprehensible as well.

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Someone finally found a way to put "Mack Brown" and "defense" in the same sentence. Well done, sir

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Playing to the whistle? We all saw what happened man ...there is absolutely no way to justify that.
This kid should be suspended for a couple games imo.

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To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

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Texas has got to take cheap shots when they get them...thats the only way they can win.

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vacuuming sucks

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- I see you've learned 2 valuable truisms:
"A picture is worth a thousand words."
"Brevity is the soul of wit."
Well done, sir.

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Just another reason to cheer for Oklahoma.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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When someone ends Mr. Davis career with a cheap shot - I hope he understands the other player just played to the whistle and accepts their half --ssed apology.

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can I play devil's advocate here?
maybe be was watching/sensing his teammate (#2) start to block on the outside.... thought the ball might have been bounced to the outside.... and without looking behind himself to actually see where the ball was.....decided to attempt a cut block????
just a thought.

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I just don't understand why anyone would think "Hey, I should aim straight for the knees of this dude who is pretty much just standing there" as their go to move.

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IDK, I've seen WR's cut block DB's hundreds of times. The kid was looking at right side of the endzone, and maybe he just reacted to the players in front of him.  As he puts his head down to "block", the ISU player relaxes, maybe it was a bad set of circumstances that came together.
If the ball had been bounced to the outside, he would have looked like a fool for not trying to block his guy.
IDK, watch it again with that in mind, and it's as plausible as him trying to blow the guy's knee out.

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i guess we should avoid looking at the 45 yard line

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in the middle of the play and less that 5 yards from the LOS looks legal to me

johnblairgobucks's picture

for sure, and the Texas/ISU play wasn't over yet either. 

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The play must of been run toward the bench. Shipley was turning and walking that way.

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Do you see the ball in the picture at Texas? You see the ball coming straight at the block for OSU...
Plus, the ISU player slows up!

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and the play in question no where in the screen is the play seen and its pretty obvious watching the play all the way thru that the play was not going back toward the block, unlike the one you showed us

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In my opinion, there is a huge difference between the two plays.  First and foremost, in regards to the OSU-Cal gif, the Cal player is not only facing the blocker, but also the blocker is directly in front of where the running back is at that moment.  Looking at the Texas player, he was attacking the defender from a blind angle *in addition* to being completely away from the play...

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I thought the cut block against the Cal defender was legal, but I'm not 100% certain.  But it doesn't compare well to what was done against the ISU defender, IMO.

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The defender saw it coming and it was near the play.  Much different then a blind shot at someone's knee when they're not looking and far away from the play.

Class of 2010.

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You're trying to compare a guy who went like a rocket directly towards someone's knee when the play was arguably over to a guy who basically did a "table maneuver" in the middle of a play that was being run in his direction. It's an apples to oranges comparison.

Scotch: It may be too early to drink it, yes; but people it is never to early to think about it.

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You've got to be fucking kidding.

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you see gents, I don't think the OSU play was dirty at all, I posted the GIF as an example of what the Texas WR was doing.  Funny I can get 40 downvotes for all this.  I throw out the possibility that the Texas WR may have been blocking (awkwardly )....... so much for discussion. 

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not only not apples & oranges, more like raisens & watermelons dude. Not even closely similar - no objectivity at all here.

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raisens & watermelons

LOL...that being said it's beating a dead horse at this point.

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Love your profile pic, Scarlet.  I've never tried lutefisk, but since a friend of mine warned me about what it really was, I probably never will!  (***shudders***)  :-)

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I think that could be a legitimate excuse for the play, but his apology is horrible and after seeing that play, that is the best he could do. Playing until the whistle is one thing but he must have seen what we saw. His apology is lacking despite any explanation to justify the play.

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Plus I'm guessing that the apology that was given was suggested by a coach.

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Kid should be suspended for the next game for that.

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theres ZERO chance he'd have walked off the field on his own last night had I been playing for Iowa State and he did that to a teammate of mine.

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Jeez Mike, your sincerity is showing. 
Have fun at home during bowl season......oh wait, you'll prolly be rewarded along with your teammates on your sterling 6-6 season or whatever mediocre final result the Longhorns turn in. 

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So as long as the whistle hasn't blown, it's OK to go after someone's knee...basically what that kid just said.  He could've blocked him standing up...or just not even bothered since they were far away from the play.

Class of 2010.

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if you watch the Gif, his teammate shows how it should be done, nice clean blocking.
It's like a what to do/what not to do picture.




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Hopefully, Money Magic will catch one going across the middle and get dissected by a Oklahoma defender.

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"But I'm tryin' Ringo. I'm tryin', real hard, to be the shepherd"

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1.  If anyone is wondering why someone would do this, a quick glance at his twitter handle probably explains a lot about this person's inability to think before following through with something.
2.  Sadly, if he thinks this is okay to take a shot like this, someone coaching him up during his earlier years probably 'taught' him this sort of block on a defenseless player was acceptable.

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Ridiculous.  Tell me he wasn't suspended for several games like he should have been by the joke that is the NCAA?

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A few things:
A)  Cut blocks are legal unless the offensive player is "cracking" back inside.
B) There are no rules stating that you can only block a man within "x" yards of the football
C) Texas's receiver #8 ran a screen path...meaning that it's possible that this was a packaged play and the QB could have pulled the ball out and ran/thrown the screen.  Davis has no clue if the RB or QB has the ball.  And if the QB has the ball attacking the edge he has no clue if the QB may flick the ball out to the screen man.
D) Iowa State's defender gave up on the play before it was over.  Does his laziness turn him into a "defenseless" player?

bigbadbuck's picture

With that sort of logic BUCKEYEBLURS I guess it would be okay if say Braxton threw an interception and was 25 yards away with no chance whatsoever to catch the interceptor if Braxton got blocked at the knees while just standing there, right? Would you see it differently then? See Im all for playing football and accepting the risks that go with football, but when someone just out and out tries to injure another player, there is no excuse for that. At the end of the day and even as much as I want my Browns and Buckeyes to win all it is is a game

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

buckeyeblur5's picture

Well, on an interception return it is not legal to block below the waist so in that case it would not be okay.  Rules are rules.
Also, how can you say he was trying to injure the player?  I used to coach some college ball and the block he executed is exactly how we coached our receivers to cut block.  The only thing that makes it unsafe is the laziness of the defender.  He had every chance to see the block coming and defend against it.

Unky Buck's picture

Everyone was slowing down on the play, even those near the play. I think you're grasping at straws to defend what the player did and now you're trying to blame the defender for the actions of the guy that went for his knees. It was a blatantly cheap shot that didn't need to be made. That's the whole point. It's not saying his block was wrong in terms of how he executed it...it was the pure fact that he executed it when he never had to.
If you watch the guy in the backfield, he's starting to put his hand up into the air as a celebratory gesture right before Davis takes his dive. Throw in the other commentators take on being far away from the play (that's his point, not whether or not it's a rule) and essentially out of the play because of it along with the play being complete, Davis makes a cheap shot and it I really don't understand how it can be downplayed by anyone.

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buckeyeblur5's picture

I understand what you are saying.  The play happened far away.  Many modern offenses, including OSU's, have multiple options on a single play.  My point is simply that they receiver did not know for a fact that the ball was handed off. 
The play would have been called something like "14 Read Bubble" meaning that the QB has an option to either give the ball to the RB, run the ball on the read option, or throw the screen.  To the guy who made the cut block this means he has to block his man no matter what.  In his mind the ball could be thrown out on a screen in which he would have been the key block.
The guy in the back putting his hands up...he can see the play...his job on the play was to look for the ball.  This allowed him to see it handed off and adjust his actions.  When your job is to block a man (potentially a key block) you don't have this luxury.
Why is no one screaming about the other Texas wideout who lunged out to block his man?  Is it because he blocked high?  Or is it because he got to his man a half second before Davis threw his block?  They both blocked guys who were slowing down a long way from where the ball actually went.

Unky Buck's picture

Why is no one screaming about the other Texas wideout who lunged out to block his man?

Because he barely pushed him along the side and in his shoulder pads and had already started pulling back by the time Davis went for his shot to the knee/lower leg with his shoulder pads. These aren't even comparable situations and there is absolutely nothing to scream about.
Also, you're doing the same thing that you're calling out the other commentator for doing. You have no idea what play was run and are simply speculating as to what it could have been. For all intents and purposes, the play was run to the left side and done so successfully while all of this happened on the right. That's all we know and to speculate as to what kind of play it was in order to give him a pass makes you just as guilty as the other commentator who is saying the sole intent was to injure.
I know you want to give him a pass because we want to believe that he's not just an asshole, but he doesn't deserve one. It was a blatant cheap shot. His intent is unknown but it doesn't make it any less cheap.

Rock over London; Rock on Chicago. Timex: It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

buckeyeblur5's picture

I have a great idea of what play was run, it's right there in front of anybody who watches the whole play and not simply a slow motion GIF.  I usually give ignorance a pass but saying he for sure took a cheap shot without understanding the concept of an offensive football play is irresponsible in my book. 

southbay's picture

Iowa State's defender gave up on the play before it was over.  Does his laziness turn him into a "defenseless" player?

Maybe it does, since he wasn't pursuing the play, there was no reason to block him.  What am I missing here?

buckeyeblur5's picture

He wasn't pursuing the inside run part of the play.  How is Texas's receiver supposed to know that the ball was handed off and that the QB may not be getting ready to flick it out to his screen guy?

Maestro's picture

The ball was 5 yards into the endzone when he starts his completely unnecessary and dangerous block.

vacuuming sucks

bodast67's picture

Rules or not, effort or not, the play was dirty and was not necessary. he wanted to hurt the guy ! 
deceleration and then rapid exceleration after the guy stopped running was visible to all to see... that's some "bush-league shit" right there




     " I hope when I die, I die laughing"...                

buckeyeblur5's picture

Wide receivers are coached to "break down" before throwing their blocks so the defender doesn't simply run around them.  This is the deceleration part.

AAStagg's picture

Outrageous, dangerous cheapshot.  Then, he 'apologizes' by blaming former coaches who taught him to 'play to the whistle'.  A non-apology apology from a punk who doesn't regret a thing.  I hope the next team Texas faces 'plays to the whistle' all over this little b*tch.

Keep calm.  It's only a game.

Northbrook's picture

The curse of Bielma's wife upon him . #karma

tussey's picture

Because my internet sucks, I got the pleasure of watching it in slow motion.  That being said, Wow.  I was utterly shocked by the play.  Thankfully it appears that the corner saw it coming at the last second and was able to get his legs out from underneath him.  If that doesn't happen, there is a good chance that his season is over with a nasty knee injury.  
Look I totally get playing through the whistle, but in the same shot we get the correct way of doing it.  Observe #2 at the far right of the screen.  When it was first loading, screen by screen, I thought it was going to be him, blowing up the guy.  Nope, all he was just get in his face and give a good shove.  Whereas this dude acts like he isn't going to block the guy and then dives at his knees.  
There is a difference between trying hurt someone (i.e. playing hard and hitting hard with the intent of make said player sore) and trying to injure someone (i.e. playing with malicious intent and trying to remove said player from the game).  This was the latter.  

Young_Turk's picture

First reaction was, what a D-bag. 
Reading some of his defenders on this thread, I thought, you crazy man.
Then I went back and watched a couple more times.  I imagine it was within the rules.  Look at the other wide receiver to his right.  Also throwing a block, nobodies complaining about that.  So I think it's the combination of Davis looking like he's letting up, then going aggressively for the cut.  Kind of looks like a sucker punch.  But I wonder if he saw the other WR make his block, and figured he better do the same in case the play was coming towards them.  So, it looks bad, but I give the kid a pass.


Knarcisi's picture

Dirty play, any way you look at it. Anyone here defending him or comparing it to something completely different get down votes from me. At least I'm upfront about it. 

steveoz49's picture

If I may quote the great philosopher.....
"You can stuff your sorries in a sack mister!"
~George Costanza~

Alpo's picture

That's probably a 10k-15k penalty if you play on Sunday...

BenW's picture

Does anyone have video of the entire play? I'd like to see the rest of the play before judging that this guy is a complete douche (his "apology" certainly doesn't help his case). I think its entirely possible that there was a chance the play was coming his way, but if the play had been running for a while before he threw this (within the rules) block, it looks bad.

Maestro's picture

It was a 6 yard TD run.  You can see the RB running into the endzone at the top of the replay, he is slowing down to toss the ball to the official in the back of the endzone some 15 yards away from Davis when he decides to completely unnecessarily dive into the defender's knees.

vacuuming sucks

BenW's picture

But as someone also said, it's possible that there was a pass option to his side. He wasn't the only WR blocking on that side and in this clip its hard to tell how long after the snap this occurred.

BSTP DeCon's picture

Don't feel one bit bad for the whole Texas football program in general. Thanks for admitting that Mack B and Co teach their players how to get away with dirty hits. Here's to Oklahoma shoving the ball down their throats and MB returning to his office to find out he got an ultimatum (getting forced out of his job or fired)...

ChillitownBuck30's picture

Wouldn't your first reaction be to hit the defensive back by planting your facemask in the chest?  I am pretty sure you weren't taught to just go for the knees.  Playing to the whistle?!  What a crock of $hit!

“Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.”

Mr. Slick's picture

Late to the game, but this is easy. 
Was the play legal? Yes
Was it necessary to go low? No 
Is this guy a douche nozzle?  Yes

JKH1232's picture

It's not as bad as Marquel Wade's hit on Johnathan Krause a couple of years ago- and with much less taunting- but it's still awful.

Haybucks's picture

This is exactly how I suffered my first knee injury, except I was walking back to the defense huddle.  Clearly a D-bag and one that scars for a lifetime.  They have to weed guys like Davis out of the NCAA before they ruin a career and unnecessarily limit any father/son or daughter field/court time.

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